Copper flowers, and a spot to relax too

For today’s Flowers on Friday we’re heading back to the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show, for a closer look at these copper flowers by Myburgh Designs. I’ve just taken a look at their site, and believe me it’s a very beautiful and potentially dangerous place. They had a garden at Chelsea this year, but when I fell in love with these copper flowers - and more - last year, they had a corner plot which I’m not sure many people stopped by and enjoyed.

looking down at the copper flowers

These poppies look right at home in the border mixed with the red and white flowers. They’re relatively reasonably priced too, which is always a result, as I have a tendency to sniff out the priciest items.

copper flowers in the border at Chelsea

I think a mixture of sizes works well, and the website says they have a life of their own collecting water for birds in the garden, or could be used to hold candles.

adding a touch of copper to the border at RHS Chelsea in 2018

But my favourite way to enjoy them would be just as it was at the show, from this copper pod.

A copper place to relax too

Which I’m sure proves my earlier point about falling for the high ticket items, but who can blame me?