The lighthouse at Belém

So when is a lighthouse, not a lighthouse? The answer it seems is when it’s the one at Belém. The red brick lighthouse was never actually used as an official working lighthouse. That doesn’t stop it being fascinating to look at, or photograph. The bluest skies helped too.

the lighthouse at belem is fenced off

Belém is west of Lisbon on the Tagus river, and has many tourist attractions, we arrived by train but buses and trams also head out this way. Lisbon, and its transport system, is easy to navigate and cheap too, especially compared to travelling around London (sadly).

Belém was originally the location of Lisbon’s shipyards and docks and many of the 15th century voyages to India, East Africa and Brazil left from this area, and the first monument we saw - the Monument of the Discoveries - gives a very large nod to that too. But more on that another day.

looking up at the lighthouse at Belem

I was fascinated with the brickwork. If you look closely you can see the bricks are laid horizontally, so they stick out (technical term) from the structure. The square windows too, are fascinating.

A closer look at the brickwork

The other thing that struck me about the lighthouse? It’s size, it was tiny. If I remember I’ll remind you of that when I share more from a more modern monument in the same area. But for now, let’s just admire the brickwork.