Reflecting on my week #97

This update actually covers two weeks as after a lazy day on the Bank Holiday, where I spent a good deal of time with my nose in my kindle and feeling listless about what to write, and even to pick up my crochet. So I treated myself to a couple of days away from here.

I also ended up taking a couple of days away from work as somehow I seemed to have picked up an infection. The over the counter medication definitely helped but I wasn’t convinced it was totally gone, so I booked a preemptive doctor’s appointment - the earliest available was today. I don’t know about you, but I’ve usually got a backup list of topics to talk to the doctor about, even if the original symptoms have resolved themselves. Though I’m not sure they actually have, so I’m glad I have my slot before work tomorrow.

So for a lot of the week, even when I went back to work, I was trying to take it easy and seriously up my water intake. That helped, and was much easier to do at home in a relaxed environment. I know that I need to keep this up at work, as I suspect my low water intake levels were a contributing factor.

Photo by  Bino Le  on  Unsplash

Photo by Bino Le on Unsplash

Pair that with the warm weather, and I’m starting to think I’d missed a few warning signs. I am feeling much better, and even though I lost a couple of days in the office and so there’s work to catch up on, I’m also feeling inspired after an illuminating conversation with lasted three times the length it was supposed to.

I’m pleased that the temperatures are coming down a bit, I’ve realised that I’m not built to function normally in temperatures of thirty degrees plus, or actually even the very high twenties. Though they’ve also reminded me that I think my annual blood test check for my overactive thyroid is probably due, or overdue (another one for the doctors appointment!)

Since we went for a picnic in Greenwich Park much earlier in the summer I’ve been stalking these plates on the M&S website. At £14 they were more than I wanted to spend on something we’ll more than likely use a handful of times, there were other plates of course, but none that quite compared. Then suddenly, they were half price, and just as quickly they were in my basket, paid for and ready to collect.

flamingo picnic plate
An elephant on my picnic plate
picnic plates on special offer at marks and spencer
a zebra melamine picnic plate from m&s

I know MOH won’t like them, so he wasn’t consulted during any of this process. He can choose if he wants to eat off them, or from his hands, the next time we picnic. I think they’re gorgeous, and quite unlike the melamine plates I thought I’d find. I do need the weather to stay nice for a bit so we can use them though!

We’re off to a mediaeval banquet in October to celebrate a big birthday for my BIL. It looks great and it seems that our party is going in costume. There’s a local company that supplies and delivers costumes to the hotel, and I found a few that looked suitable. However, my concern is sizing and what you’d do if it didn’t fit, or was too long (quite likely) when it arrived.

So I’ve spent some time sourcing my own costume, and the current plan is to go as a mediaeval queen, kitted out in a burgundy outfit, with sleeves which I’m sure will drag along the ground. What’s funny though, and tickled me, is the uses for the costume, which included party wear, casual wear and office wear! The first one ok, but I suspect I won’t be wearing it for the other two, but then again, never say never, I guess…

This week is likely to bring another busy week, and one where I’ll be trying my best to keep up my newly discovered eating and drinking habits, though with a visit to the Greenwich Comedy Festival on Sunday evening it’s unlikely to last for the whole week.

But something is better than nothing in my book.