Reflecting on my week #99

My work week has continued to be busy, and longer than in probably should be, but as it’s the first week of term I think that’s ok and hopefully things will start to calm down. More than usual I was looking forward to a weekend with some time to do what I liked as MOH was working again. I considered heading off to see Downton at the pictures, which felt quite decadent. Then I saw the weather and sitting in a darkened room didn’t seem right. However good the film might be.

In the end though plans changed and it was just as well I’d already dismissed the pictures idea. The weekend was far more chilled than we originally thought and for the first time in a while, out came my crochet. It’s been a while, and I’m not sure if I’ve shared it here. But it’s the project that’s travelled far and wide. To Birmingham, to Liverpool and even to Portugal, and not once did it see the light of day!

pale grey crocheted square

I made up for it this weekend though and the central square, made up of nine squares is ready to be assembled. I’ve used a variegated grey and white yarn which starts from white to the darkest grey, so I think it’ll look great. It’ll be a square throw for our sofas, one that we can throw over the arm and act as a kind of arm protector too.

light and dark grey crocheted squares

Once the centre square is together, the next section is a series of shell borders. Then more squares, I think, but I’ll worry about that bit when I get to that. I’ve a few crochet projects on the go, and this one is my go to project right now. It’s simple with no colour changes, other than those that the yarn determines.

Simple for my full up brain, just what it needs right now!

The weekend was also one for being domesticated, and it’s been a while. Chores were done, and stock was made from the remains of the roast chicken from Saturday’s tea. It was the ultimate in multi-tasking, I was watching the rugby meanwhile the stock, and then soup was doing it thing. Tasty, wholesome and very good value. The small £5 chicken from the butchers has provided a roast dinner for two, four servings of soup, which was generously packed with chicken and veg - and the leftover roast potatoes, and there’s still chicken left for lunch one day.

home made chicken and leek soup

With time and inclination, it’s amazing what you can do. During the soup stage i popped into the garden for some herbs, and was met with the “crime scene” below. Which made me jump more than it really should have.

an unexpected find in the garden

I’ve no idea where it came from, or actually if it’s still there. Did the foxes bring it in? Did our neighbour’s children throw it over? Though if they did we should sign them up for the field events, because they’re naturals. Is it missed? Am I holding it hostage, without realising? But how do I return it, and to where.

It looks so peaceful too, and quite comfy, well for a soft toy.

Who knew the dilemma an unexplained soft toy in the garden would bring. What would you do?!