Post Comment Love & Newbie Showcase 5-7 February 2016

Welcome to this week's #PoCoLo and to a new month - how did February get here so quickly? 

Thanks for linking up last week, it was a busy link up last week and we welcomed several new linkers. I hope you're enjoying discovering and reading new blogs as much as I am. I'm afraid this week time has run away with me and I didn't get a chance to tweet your links, I'll try harder this week.  

My time this week has been spent putting together our 2015 photo yearbook, and as usual I'd put it off until the last minute. And as usual, it takes much longer than I expect. It seems we did a lot in 2015, more than normal and so it's more tricky than usual to choose photos to go on the sixty or so pages. MOH who "couldn't see the point of them" spent a fair amount of time looking back over the ones we do have. And so, I rest my case...

Last weekend was a busy one so I'm hoping for something more relaxed this weekend; I hope your weekend turns out just as you planned too. 

This week I'm hosting the Newbie showcase here, so let's get on...

Newbie Showcase: Miranda from Drops of Learning

My name is Miranda. I am a Christian homeschooling mom with 5 kids, ages 15 down to 1 and am married to an amazing guy. I love learning alongside my children, and whenever we have free time we like to travel and enjoy the outdoors. I have always enjoyed writing, and starting a blog was something I had been thinking about for quite a few years, but never jumped in until recently. In September of 2015 I started Drops of Learning. I share homeschooling posts, with some parenting, fitness, and essential oils thrown in. When I'm not blogging or homeschooling, I am probably reading, crocheting, or binge-watching shows on NetFlix. I love to cook and bake, but still haven't quite learned to enjoy cleaning, although I am working on it!

This year I am hoping to accomplish some big writing goals--I have a couple eBooks I want to write, and actually started writing a Novel this past November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I have met so many amazing people through blogging, and hope to continue to build relationships with fellow bloggers and readers. 

Some of my most favorite blog posts are: 

And I also do a Fitness Friday link-up each week that runs from Friday to Monday. 

Connect with Miranda here:

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Thanks Miranda! 

Please take time to visit Miranda and connect with her on Social Media.