Treasures and textures in the home and garden shop at Snape Maltings

Walking into the House & Garden shop at Snape Maltings was the equivalent of entering a sweet shop for me. First I spotted the yellow velvet chaise longue and then there was something else that caught my eye. I was here, then I was there and I think at one point MOH was all for sitting down on the said chaise longue and wait for me to ground myself. However I suspect he also wanted to stay in close attendance so he could proffer the inevitable "and where would you put that" or "don't we already have something like that" when faced with me wanting to buy yet another thing. I'm sure without him following me around I'd have returned to him looking like someone who'd just taken part in the cabbages and kings game on Crackerjack (hands up who shouted it then, even if it was just in your head!) but I suspect even I may have struggled with the beauty that I first saw. 

The most delightful yellow velvet sofa in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

I mean I don't even like corner sofas (and yes that was pointed out) but isn't this gorgeous, and totally worth making the exception for. I countered that this was the very reason we had to have mustard dining chairs. Understandably he looked confused, as we'd not even seen this then. But you know it makes sense don't you?

It's probably just as well we didn't come here before we bought our gorgeous white glass dining table, or else we might have ended up with this as this was everything I thought I wanted. 


And then I spotted this. It's wood. I was shocked too. But the colour. Even MOH was showing some interest now. I don't think the interest was to shoo me away from it, but maybe...

A jade green chest in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

I managed to curb my enthusiasm enough as we continued through the shop.  Smaller, detailed items caught my eye, like this garden lantern - wouldn't these look great in a line along a patio or on my sleeper bed?

A detailed metal garden light in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

And after the frenzy of the colour overload we started with, I moved into a more restful and neutral - but no less gorgeous - part of the shop. The rose chair here isn't usually my style, but I fell for this too.

A rose patterned armchair in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

Being attracted to colour and naturally so, I always pause and wonder if there is such a thing as too much colour. Often when I see such subtle beauty as this. I'm reminded though that we all need some neutrals, to make sense of the colour and these go on my list for a future house too.

A pale grey patterned chest in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk
Textured wood and patterned bed linen in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

Even though I admire the coolness of these neutrals, I think I'd always be tempted to add a pop of colour in with all that pattern.  And some lime green blankets would be just my thing. 

neutrals and brights in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk

My creative mind was also piqued with these heart made of buttons on wire. I'm not sure I have enough buttons yet, but give me a while and who knows!

Hearts made from buttons in the Homes & Gardens shop at Snape Malting Suffolk gave me an idea

Then just as MOH had managed to successfully steer me around the shop with no purchases, we both faltered. As usual I was attracted by the glitz of these stacking tables. MOH who's got a bit of a map thing was interested in them too, and I think they're the type of tables that are timeless. And what's even better is the top lifts off so it becomes a tray too. Multifunctional and beautiful, I think if we see these again we're sold.


I say if, as I strongly suspect that any future attempts to visit Snape Maltings in Suffolk will be strongly rejected, well I guess they will be if he knows where he's going...

Are you and your OH like this shopping? Or do you have other, defined roles that each of you take?

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