Post Comment Love 16 - 18 February

Hello there and welcome to another #PoCoLo, if you were here last week it was great to see you and if you're new here then you're very welcome.

It's been another week of weather hasn't it? And I hope you've managed to stay dry, wind-free (as much as you can) and enjoyed some of the warmth from the sun too. For me the sun was especially welcome. 

It's been a busy week too hasn't it - pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, Valentine's day on Wednesday and Chinese New Year today, and quieter on the roads, but not in Greenwich town centre, because of half-term. 

Last week I told you we've booked in the work for our conservatory, and this week that's the post I've linked up. It's one of those gritty, real posts and the photos are necessarily pretty, but I'm hoping it'll be a great "before" post.

My photo this week is another old one, and it's in a garden with a story behind it. The story's for another day, but this photo seems to sum up my week, which has been calmer than those previously.  And I hope you're sitting down for this next bit, but I've even left work on time twice this week. It feels such an achievement, a small one maybe, but very much enjoyed too!

Reflection of trees in a bird bath

Blogger Showcase: Alissa from Story behind the cloth

Alissa thinks blogs currently rule the internet, and thinks it's impossible not to discover blogs. Her favourite topic to write about is fashion trend analysis and finds it fascinating at the reasons why lots of people choose the same clothing items, and what that says about society.  I'm intrigued by Alissa's tea and biscuits or coffee and cake answer, do pop over to Morgan's blog to find out.

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