Sigh, at Mottisfont

Today’s Flowers on Friday is a single photo post, and one from back in 2017. It was taken at NT Mottisfont, which is an absolute delight of a place.

If truth be known I was at a bit of a loss for what to share today. I found myself browsing through old photos and stumbled across photos from our trip here, which was a stop off on our way back from a week in Swanage. At the time we weren’t sure about making the trip, but once we had we wondered why we’d not been before. Finding those photos again, I’m thinking we should go back, but I’m not quite sure when.

At mottisfont.jpg

This is a slightly unusual Flowers on Friday post, as I’m not sure what the plant is. And of course there’s a window. But there’s a timeless ease to the photo which just shouts calm, if anything can shout calm. So yes, sigh, one day we’ll be back to see more of Mottisfont I’m sure.

Post Comment Love 9 - 11 August

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If truth be told I’m still waiting for the summer slowdown in the office, and hopeful that it may still arrive, but I suspect it doesn’t really exist. And it’s a myth perpetuated by people who aren’t that busy in the first place, controversial, hey?

But in even better news I’ve booked a holiday. For December. And we’re heading where the skies will hopefully be blue. I need to sort something out for probably October too, but choosing a destination is proving a little trickier. I’m sure I’ll get there, and I should probably start by booking some time off from work.

This week’s photo is from our trip to Portugal in June. I love it’s simplicity, and it sums up Portugal for me. The sky speaks for itself, and the walls are from the castle at Palmela, the last stop on our trip. Take me back!

Blue skies against the castle wall in Palmela

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Jacarandas and agapanthus

Yes, more agapanthus. Can you tell they’re a favourite of mine? But these have a slightly different slant, not only are they blue (mine are white), they’re also Portuguese. Well based in Lisbon if you’re going to be picky. And they’re great, I’m not sure I’ve seen them quite like this before.

agapanthus unable to keep their flower heads upright

Usually in the UK you’ll find agapanthus in pots. Not in Lisbon, there’s rows of them almost as edging plants.

rows and rows of agapanthus

These were outside the Jerónimos Monastery, and came shortly on the heels of the strange, but beautiful, lilac flowered tree we’d spotted throughout Lisbon, but had no idea what they were.

flowering jacarandas in Lisbon

Eventually curiosity got the better of me and I realised, with the help of Google, that they are Lisbon Jacarandas, and by chance we’d arrived in Lisbon the very month they flower. Aren’t they beautiful.

lilac jacarandas against deep blue skies

I wasn’t the only one to think so as plenty of people were posing for their photos with them, in the same way they do here in Greenwich with the cherry blossom.

And it’s easy to see why.

the lisbon sky through the in bloom jacarandas

So for trees I’d never seen, or even heard of before, I’m a convert. What do you think?