Lavatory Project: Spots and stripes

This one isn’t for the faint hearted. It is rather bold, and if you’re of a delicate nature then I advise sunglasses. Just like my dad when he took me to Abba: The Movie, which I’ve just had to google the year for. It was 19 cough cough 78 cough. I was very young. And he didn’t wear the sunglasses, and not just because he wasn’t allowed.

That said, I quite like this one.

Black and white striped wallpaper for the lavatory project at Grand designs live

I think it’s ok in a small space, in a larger room I think my eyes might go a bit, well a bit everything. Or maybe the extra space would make it slightly calmer, who knows. This size space is all we have though, and while we often think bold dark patterns don’t work in small spaces, we’ve been proven wrong.


You’re probably wondering if those mirrors were the spots, aren’t you? Well they could be, but it’s the floor that’s really spotty, and it’s not a shrinking violet either.


Actually the floor has just jogged memories of a wall in my bedroom growing up. I insisted that I wanted pink spots on the wall, and my poor long suffering parents agreed, but I had to do it myself, which must have been torture for them. I was quite pleased with the result, although looking back it shouts Mr Blobby to me. I’m sure they were relieved when the next colourway came along, I can’t remember what that was, so it was nowhere near as memorable.

I think they’d have drawn the line at such a bold colour scheme though. I think, actually I hope!

This next shot is my favourite, it’s got a bit of the whole room in it, and I wasn’t surprised to see a record on the wall - it fits well with the theme.

Spots stripes and a brilliant white washbasin

And did you notice the tap? Isn’t it stunning - and the tiles, I think they’re the only thing in the space that’s not black, white or chrome.

I told you it was bold, didn’t I?