Love this #44: Hanging Lavender sachets

I know it's not the right time of year to harvest lavender flowers from your garden but... these lavender sachets are so gorgeous and useful I wanted to share them now.

I don't have any lavender that I can use for these so I think I might be visiting Norfolk Lavender next time I'm up that way and buy some lavender just so I can make these so I have something as pretty as these to hang in my new wardrobes.

I think it's the ribbon and the eyelets that do it for me...

I'll be on the lookout too for pretty fabric too (although I suspect I already have some and I might just have a look at what material Mum might have...)

Oh and no, I've not ordered the new wardrobes yet but with the decorators starting next Monday, it won't be long.  I hope.  Imagine proper wardrobes.  For all our clothes.  In our bedroom, how exciting!  

Anyway back to the lavender bags... I saw these on a French blog  - La vie est belle - which I dip in and out of as my French isn't that good! However with the pictures in the pdf tutorial I think I could give these a go (assuming I had some lavender).  Here's the link to the tutorial.

I'm working on the lavender for my garden too. I've taken lots of cuttings of a rather leggy plant we had that was way past its best.

And they're doing well so far - in as much as they haven't died...


I don't even think it was from the leftovers of these plants from June 2013 as none of these survived. I don't know quite what happened with those as I thought lavender was ok with the harsh treatment!  I will look after my cuttings more carefully... as I've plans for them to become a (small) lavender hedge. 

And yes, I know there's a long way to go!!