Black & White photo 15: Inside a tree

I'm continuing my one-woman Killerton Fest today with a couple of shots of this felled tree. And if you've ever wondered what's in a tree, I can tell you in this tree there was a dirty great big hole.  I tried to encourage MOH to investigate more closely, but he really wasn't keen...

But take a look. 


And here's the bit that was left standing. I think it looks slightly surreal with the abyss of the hole in the centre of the trunk and the skyscrapers forming a small town along the right-hand side. 


If you want to see the rest of my Killerton Fest so far, take a peek at the sundial and the colourful borders, which I've shared here previously and come back on Tuesday for the final instalment (update: here's the link to Killerton's more unusual additions

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