Bring on a focussed 2015!

Last year was the first year I'd heard of let alone chosen a word for the year, and I chose active - it just felt like the right word for me, so that was that - it was my word. It worked well for me and so I was up for choosing another word for this year. Once again I had an inkling of what my word should be, but having discovered Susannah Conway during the summer's #Augustbreak Instagram challenge I was keen to work through her "Unravelling 2015" workbook. I wondered if my word would change at all - it didn't, but it almost did and I've spent some time talking myself into the word I first thought of! 

That word is Focus - it's a good word and it will help me this year I'm sure, but it didn't sound as exciting as some of the other words I considered. I also can't claim it's in the "make my heart sing" category but I'm pretty sure it's what I need as while balance, energise and direction are good, each of those are much more helpful if they're focussed.  


For me, Focus is about getting the things I need to done, alongside the things I want to do, it means flitting (slightly) less between projects but not necessarily having less projects to start with and of course, there's a camera angle too...

I definitely need to apply my word to my running as it's a bit sporadic right now, I don't think the weather's helping but, yes more focus here and some drier, warmer days would help too. Then there's my new bike that's arriving at the weekend (I hope) so I'll need some determination and focus to master the hills around here. I rather daftly and perhaps optimistically mooted the idea of a cycling holiday to MOH just after Christmas, so now we're considering that. Considering here means MOH is totally signed up for it, while I'm considering what on earth I've let myself in for! It does look beautiful though, if not a little exhausting, cycling up to 50km a day - but I said that before about walking 20+ kilometres before our first walking holiday, and I've managed a couple of those more than ok.  Even so, does anyone know what the hills are like in Bavaria?!

This year will also see me return to work and continue with my blog, so I'll need to strike the right balance there too. I'm hoping it'll also be the year where we can finally get rid of all the cardboard boxes, but not just yet as we'll still need a few while we get the spare bedoom decorated. We'll also get our very tiny porch sorted out so it'll only leave the conservatory needing work, which is going to take some serious planning and hopefully not so much serious cash. I'm also planning some sewing machine mastery, so watch out for that, oh and continue to improve my photography. I may even switch the camera onto manual. 

Holiday-wise I still hope to pack them in, in fact we're heading off to Dorset at the end of the month, hopefully the snow will stay away and we get cold, bright days and the village pub is warm and toasty! I've already mentioned the Bavarian cycle trip, there'll be some Norfolk trips too and more exploring around the UK and maybe even something further afield. I'm still working on that! 

And on top of all that I'm signing up to the intention to be kind to myself. Erm, yes - we should all be kinder to ourselves. 

So that's me, what have you got planned for this year?