Hidden under the leaves...

At the weekend I glimpsed out of our conservatory window and couldn't help but notice the spent agapanthus stem and how different it was now. I made a mental note to pop out and take some pictures of my garden for this post. Then what with the rain and the wind and my march about town in new shoes on Sunday it didn't happen. Harrumph.

But yesterday was one of those crisp, clear winter's mornings so before I went to work I grabbed my camera and had a quick wander around the garden. 

But first isn't the agapanthus a beauty?


Looking at the picture now I'm not quite sure what it's caught, it could be the petals or it could be some wildlife. Either way the colours make up for it. The plant, though is still lush green and quite a contrast.


Further along the tagetes and scabiosa are still flowering -  I know it sounds painful doesn't it?


And it seems the leaves have shed all their leaves already. MOH noticed the trees were bare, but as the grass was clear assumed they'd blown away so he wouldn't need to clear them this year. Well they have blown away, I found a lot of them up against the fences...


It wasn't long before I spotted some flowers on the hostas, hopefully they'll continue to flower and the pastel pink will deepen in colour.


Up by the phormium with its ribbon-like leaves I couldn't quite believe my eyes. That's right I spotted bulbs already coming through, these I think are most likely bluebells. Although my bulbs aren't as advanced as some, I saw during the week that Ness has already seen her first daffodil.


At the back of the garden my pyracantha is still loaded with berries, probably the most we've seen on this plant. Not as many as some I've seen but as it's a shaped bush, quite a few I think. Then I wondered how the succulents had fared with the weather we've been having.

Perfectly well it seems. Considering I only bought two small plants a few years ago now, they're doing fine!


Then I spotted a primrose amongst the grasses. These are the ones I'd named perpetual primroses because they flowered for so long. Well they did stop flowering eventually, but it seems it was only a short break as they're back. 


The strawberries are also doing well. They're harbouring even more leaves, perhaps they know they're destined for the allotment...

My new patio pots - which are still lodging at the far end of the garden - are doing well, the heather has grown and continues to add a burst of pink. But even they are harbouring leaves - I guess it's just that time of year!


How's your garden fared lately?

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