Broadchurch country: Burton Bradstock

I'm watching Broadchurch, and I'm hooked - but don't tell me what happened last night as we haven't watched it yet as MOH was out, I know it was a good one though, judging by some of the cryptic Facebook statuses I've seen. Broadchurch is filmed in Dorset - West Bay infact so I couldn't resist a drive by when we were in Dorset last month. The town itself was like a normal town, some scenes were familiar but if I'm honest it was nothing spectacular (erm, sorry West Bay residents). The Coast on the other hand was fantastic, so I'm sharing some pictures I took of the beach and cliffs at nearby Burton Bradstock, which is one of the main gateways to the Jurassic Coast and the South West Coast Path.


Hive Beach was popular - even in January- with dogs, their owners and walkers alike. It's a large shingle beach surrounded by spectacular sandstone cliffs and forms part of the larger Chesil Beach and overlooks Lyme Bay. 

There was lots to photograph here - the mesmerising sea, the fascinating layered rocks but it was also a moment to just be. The sun was breaking through the clouds in the distance, and although it'd been warm earlier all the warmth was fading and we needed to keep moving to keep warm.

Burton Cliff is said to be one of the finest examples of the distinctive, alternate hard and soft layered geology of the Bridport Sands, which makes it appear to glow bright gold in the sunlight.  It's also very reminiscent of the cliffs in the opening shots of Broadchurch. I found them fascinating, both from a distance and much closer up. 

On the beach there's evidence of some rock fall, but they too are fascinating for their shapes and texture. 

I'm not normally one for fossils, but even I found these ammonites, with their ribbed spiral shells beautiful. 

So tonight I'll sit down and watch the penultimate episode of Broadchurch and catch up on all the latest goings on, with these images fresh in my mind and while I might remember the wind from the beach, I'll be all snug on my sofa. And btw next week, I'll be watching the final episode live...

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