Treating myself with a scent-filled house

I know it's often, but not always, a female thing, but I'm a fan of candles, so when Landon Tyler got in touch recently I was keen to try some of their range. My tastes in candles aren't often overly floral though, so I was pleased to see their scents went beyond this. I like rich and spice-laden or fresh, piney scents so when I received the Dark Cashmere and Winter Woods candle and diffuser I couldn't wait to try them out.
Landon Tyler Dark Cashmere infuser providing delicate scent on the bookcase, a place where we walk past often, and it's been a big hit with us both

I'll admit I'm late to the world of diffusers, but I'm definitely a convert. They're a great way to add some subtle scent around your home. I have one in my porch and that provides a great welcome home, especially on cooler evenings when the heating has kicked in.

I've placed the Dark Cashmere diffuser on the bookcase between our main living room and kitchen, and we walk past it regularly on our way up or down the stairs. Since it's been there I've caught myself recognising the masculine smells of clove and cinnamon, and no doubt vetivert, patchouli and cedar although my nose may not know how to pinpoint the individual scents, or which one is which.

I know that my nose - and the rest of me - is a fan of this one. I've only used three reeds, because I want the scent to be subtle, and it's working.

I've even caught MOH notice the scent as he walks past. And this is the man that walks through a cosmetic department sneezing and leaves with watering eyes. I'm slowly converting him to a more delicate, but still masculine scent in our house. And if I'm honest a kind of masculine scent that I don't mind smelling...

Yes, exactly.

The good thing I've discovered about diffusers is they just provide scent without too much effort. In a way that candles don't. And that's great. I mean, when candles are lit you have to be present don't you, and alert. But that said lighting a candle can totally change the mood - often mine, and I've found that they're a great way to treat yourself without opening that bottle of wine. Especially if like me, occasionally you slip up and accidentally buy a bottle of low alcohol wine!  

Hmmn, yes, I still can't believe that happened.

Or that it's even a thing.



Having one on the side table by the sofa has meant we light the candle more often, and so we're treating ourselves more regularly. I can't promise there's less wine, but I'm enjoying the luxury of a candle. These have a burning time of forty hours, so I'm looking forward to enjoying its scent for a little while longer yet. 

The observant amongst you will have noticed that I've started my Landon Tyler scent discovery with the Dark Cashmere part of the range. It is my more usual go to scented candle and so that's partly because of the familiarity, but it's also because I'm saving the Winter Woods scent for nearer to Christmas. It's unlikely that we'll have a Christmas tree this year, and after testing the diffuser and candle I just know it'll bring that freshness of a Christmas tree indoors. And I'm looking forward to that.

It's described as having pine, fir, spruce, moss and cardamon and a classic Christmas tree scent. And I just know it's going to trick me into almost believing my little Christmas tree might be indoors once more.

I think the products are reasonably priced. The candles sell for £8 and the diffusers £10. As I already mentioned the candles have a burning time of forty hours, which is comparable with pricier candles. The packaging is good and looks classic and of good quality. I'm a bit of a magpie for cardboard for crafts and the boxes have migrated to my craft store. I found it hard to get the plug out of the diffuser, and so did MOH. I did manage it, but broke a nail in the process. But while it was hard to remove, it does show that they are well sealed so there's little chance of the liquid, or the scent escaping. 

And a final note, I could have styled these photos so the candle and diffuser look fancy, and I did think about that. But in reality that's not how I live. And as I've been enjoying these as part of my everyday life and not just for a special occasion I wanted to show that in this post. I did test my nose with their scents before I read the back of the box, and next week I'll share how I got on with that. I surprised myself, as well, I'm not known for having the best sense of smell!

If you're interested in trying these products you can find stockist details on Landon Tyler's website.


* This is a collaborative post but all views are my own.

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