My letter S

Inspiration finally struck for how to decorate this S a while back, in fact almost a month ago as I was writing about the wallpaper I fell for at the London Design Fair back in September. It was the wallpaper that drew me to their stand, and the one I left clutching. I said in my previous post that it wasn't right for our house, but it kept on at me. 

The inspiration for my S

And so I hit on the idea of decorating the S that the lovely people at Pinty Plus sent me with my first spray cans of paint, remember when I gave my sewing box a new lease of life?  You'll know that I think the spray chalk paint is a fab thing, and the pastel colours I've used have fitted in well with our decor, but for this S I wanted something bolder.

I plan to have it in the craft-room-cum-study, so while I wanted it to be bold, it also needed to fit with the pigeon shelves in there. And so I set about spraying the S in the Light Turquoise as the shelves are close to the London Grey colour I used before. I remembered having some decoupage paper with a newspaper print on, but could I find it?  I found some tiny scraps, so in the end I realised that's all there was to find, and so I had to have a rethink.

I found this white and gold crackle effect decoupage paper - I bought it at the same time as the newspaper print paper, but didn't use it. And no doubt that's why there was very little of that left. But I thought it would work.

Taking a closer look at how I decorated my S
decoupage paper, diamante and wallpaper combine with pinty plus paint spray

And actually I think it really does work, I like how it gives depth to the shape, and it's probably a better match than my original plan anyway. I added some small diamante flowers, while the glue was wet, because these do have a habit of attaching themselves to whatever they want, rather than what I want them to. Infact I arrived at work one day last week to find a purple diamante flower attached to my coat, I've no idea how it got there, or how it managed to stay stuck for so long.

My next challenge was how to decorate the S with the wallpaper. I could cover the front of the S with the wallpaper, but then there would have been little point spray painting would there. So I took my paper knife and cut out some of the distinctive wallpaper shapes, still managing to keep most of the sample untouched, and placed these on my S.

My finished S with pinty plus chalk paint spray decorated with decoupage paper and wallpaper

I'm rather pleased with how it turned out, especially as I had no clear plan when I started out, and the bit that I did have - the news print decoupage paper, I had to change anyway. A thoroughly enjoyable project, even though it took a while to complete. And one that reminded me (again) that crafting is good for the soul. Plus it'll also fit right into my craft room (or the study if MOH asks you!)

Do you find yourself changing your mind as you go in some craft projects? 


* With thanks to Novasol Spray UK who sent me the S at the start of the summer