A riot of colour at the London Graphic Centre

I've been busy lately and have been to some great blogging events. Recently I was invited to the London Graphic Centre in Covent Garden for a "Wrap Battle" - but don't worry it was wrapping presents, rather than anything musical. It was held in the store at Covent Garden and I was like a kid in a sweet shop.  

It was exactly the kind of place - and may well have been the very same place - that I used to spend my Saturday afternoons in as a teenager.  It was dangerous then, but even more dangerous now armed with a credit card.  I know that I'll be going back to the London Graphic Centre to buy some materials, but I just have to work out what first.  

As soon as I arrived I was drawn towards the Caran D'Ache display, these were the pencils I coveted most in years gone by, and their attraction was still as strong today. It seemed that everywhere I looked was swathed in colour, and I naturally felt at home.

Caran d'Ache - I made a beeline for these when I arrived at the London Graphic Centre

Christmas Fair - Saturday 10 December

This Saturday the London Graphic Centre are hosting their Christmas Fair in their flagship store and as well as the usual supplies, this year's highlights include:

  • Personalising your Leuchhturm notebooks with free embossing on A5 notebooks
  • Build your own pop-up keyring workshop hosted by Frietag
  • The POSCA wall doodling - this is great fun, it's a glass wall and you get to doodle all over it, my contribution is at the bottom of this post!
  • A gift wrap station with MT Masking, who have a glorious array of washi tape to try
  • A calligraphy demo, where you could get some great gift tags

And if that isn't enough, for all purchases over £25 there'll be a goody bag. I expect it'll be busy, and if you go let me know how you get on.

Leuchtturm notebooks in many many colours
Leuchtturm notebooks in many many colours

And if you're looking for a different Christmas tree, then here's one for you. 

A christmas tree of Freitag bags at the London Graphic Centre

It's great fun isn't it?

And still everywhere I looked as I wandered around the store was colour. Maybe this is where my love of colour comes from, who knows. It's the type of place that I'd be in my element doing a trolley dash in, now could you imagine that...

pencils in every colour of the rainbow at the london graphic centre
Even the colourful roles of tape added to the rainbow effect

It was these Lego markers that came closest to breaking my resolve on the evening. I've not seen anything like them before and even I was tempted, I wouldn't count myself as an active Lego fan, but these, well I'd make an exception...

Rainbow markers by lego, how very cool
And while I enjoyed the walk around the store, reminiscing about my teenage years, the real reason I was there was to wrap a present. And the present I wrapped was for week 3 of the London Graphic Centre's Christmas Wrap battle and that's now available to win on the London Graphic Centre's blog. Do pop over and enter, it'd be great to see someone I know win!
The presents we wrapped as part of the #LGCChristmasWrap

And remember that POSCA doodling I mentioned above, what do you think of my tree?

My contribution to the POSCA Christmas themed doodle wall

* This is a collaborative post with the London Graphic Centre, all views are as usual my own and with thanks for a great evening