Happy 3rd Blog Birthday to me!

Towards the end of last year I worked out when my blog birthday was and made a note in my diary so I could celebrate it properly. As the date - today - got closer I wondered how I should celebrate, and pretty soon after that I realised there'd need to be cake.  All birthdays need cake, right?

Well, never one to disappoint I decided on three - just cupcakes mind. And made by Mr Kipling, not me.  


So, put the kettle on and help yourself to one of these beauties on me.

While you do that, I'll summarise the past three years - and at a conservative guess some 700 or so posts - as best I can, or not.  Looking at my tag cloud the things I've written about most are unsurprisingly Phase 1 of our redecorating project (141 posts), London (100), my garden (93), and contributions to a couple of my favourite linkies: word of the week (85) and HDYGG (80).

I still love to blog...

I love how it looks and sharing what I get up to with you, so whether you stop by most days or just every now and then - it's great to have you stop by and I hope you continue to stop by.  I moved to this new site at the end of November 2014 and since then have had over 57,000 page views, which makes me happy.

What I didn't expect when I started blogging was the connections and real friendships I'd make with other people online, and I've even met some of those people in real life now at blog conferences and as part of Team Honk. I hope to meet more of you at Blogcamp in May or at BritMums Live in June.

Some milestones

Apart from moving to a new site and making new friends which I've already mentioned, there's been plenty of other milestones too, including working with some fantastic brands and from the start of the year co-hosting Post Comment Love with Morgan, who I hope to meet in real life at some point too!

So what's next?

Well nothing too revolutionary I'm pleased to say. I'm planning quite a bit more of the same, although I'm sure there'll be some new topics along the way. I've still got quite a bit to say, and one day I hope to be almost up-to-date with sharing posts from Portugal and Cornwall and the trips we've yet to take. I've plans for the allotment and for our garden and MOH has plans for yet more house redecorations - there's only the conservatory left, but he's mooting big plans which I know make sense.  

I've enjoyed rediscovering my love of crafts, so I hope there'll be some of that too - and I will teach myself to crochet.  Coming up sooner than that though I've got some fantastic photo products to share and a two week chemical free cleaning challenge that's starting soon.


But before that if you'll excuse me, I'm off to tuck into one of those cakes!  I'm having the one with the cherry on top, but help yourself to either of the other two...



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