The gardens at Chateau de Chambord

Yesterday I shared pictures from our cycle to Chambord through the pretty French countryside, today because it's Thursday I'm sharing some of the plants and flowers I saw in the gardens there.  Thursdays on my blog are all about gardens and gardening and I link up with a fabulous community brought together by Annie over at Fable and Folk.  But it's likely that today will be the last time that will happen as Annie is saying goodbye to blogging. I'll miss her blog, but I know I've made a special friend through this blogging lark, and for that I'm grateful.

Right, back to the gardens. If I'm honest I'd hoped for more, but when I put this post together I realised there were more than I thought.  All of these pictures are from the garden area leading to the front of the church.

The planting was mainly large bushes and when we were there, most were in flower. There were plants I recognised, like these roses but plenty I didn't know too.

More roses, they really were the flower of our holiday
The gardens outside the church were full of large and mostly in flower bushes
A delicate yellow flower with very zig-zaggy edged leaves

The euphorbias were of the giant kind and yes, MOH still calls them dalek plants. It wasn't until our second visit that I took these shots, and instead of the lovely sunny day of our first visit it was a little damp. But looking on the plus side it gives the photos an extra sheen. It also meant we went in the car, so there was room to bring at least a couple of cases back in the car. Silver linings and all that.

A giant euphorbia - or dalek plant as MOH calls them

And just look at the gate. How beautiful?



It wasn't all green though, there were plenty of mostly pink coloured flowers, like these rhododendrons and the roses. And roses became the flower of our holiday, we saw them - and smelt them - everywhere. Before now I could happily leave roses, but now I'm definitely a convert.

A rhododendron close up
Roses in every stage of their flowering life

Walking further away from the church there was a woodland walk with a whole mass of ferns, most green but not all.

How many ferns - in my book you can never have too many
A single rusty fern among a "field" of green

And look at this. It made me smile as soon as I saw it. I've not idea what it is, but it did remind me of my blog header!

While we're on green filled shots - look at the pattern on this - reminds me of my blog header!

The edging of the woodland walk was special too, just look how nature combines white and green with spectacular results.

Green and white edging on a woodland walkway

But then just as I was getting used to the green and white pallette, along came dramatic colour with this Sambucus Nigra, or Elderberry. I've got one in my garden too planted in memory of Dylan, my first cat a black long-haired moggy who, sadly has been gone many years now.

Sambucus Nigra is a gorgeous mix of dark foliage and pretty pink flowers

And the berries, which somehow glistened even more brightly in the rain.

Bright red berries on rain wet leaves

Looking back at these photos, there was much more than I thought, but not the formal gardens I'd half expected.