Beautiful Beaugency, and roses too!

I've already said that I arrived in Beaugency with a bump, but in actual fact it was more of a crash landing after I somehow misjudged the kerb and parted company with my bike, much to MOH's amusement. And my own too, once I'd picked myself up and realised there was no damage. In my last post from our Loire cycle tour I showed you the effortlessly pretty garden (and bike park) at our hotel in Beaugency. 

Today there's pictures from this pretty, picturesque town which in some ways reminded me of Devon villages with its streams running alongside the roads. But warmer, well on the days we were there anyway.

Beaugency is full of pretty picturesque streets
A lamp post with a curl

It's been the site of numerous military conflicts and has been occupied on four occasions by the English, I wonder if it was as pretty then and if that influenced their decision?

A view into the chateau at Beaugency

Being directly on the Loire, Beaugency was an important commercial centre and like many its role changed when trade moved from the river to rail and it became a market town for the surrounding farms. Today it retains some of that, but relies on tourism too.

A lantern on the corner of the building
Flowers growing on the doorstep

Our sightseeing here was on the streets, we hadn't moved into full chateau-mode here but like all of the towns we visited it had its own. We were content with a wander and some cycling around its streets and capturing its prettiness on camera.

A red door, wisteria and some interesting ironwork

The Hotel de Ville was pretty impressive though; the detail on this 16th century building is amazing and it was definitely one of those the-more-you-looked-the-more-you-saw kind of places.

Looking up at the Hotel de ville and blue skies
A closer look at the stonework on the Hotel de Ville in Beaugency

Our hotel was at the end of this pretty street. And you wouldn't know it - because they're not in the shot - but there's two restaurants in this road too. We ate in one and I had the largest piece of bavette steak I've ever had. It's a cut of meat I'm a fan of here in the UK too, but this one was fantastic.

Shutters and roses
climbing fragrant pale pink roses

Many of the houses had rambling roses growing up them and that added to the charm of the place.  These tightly packed roses were one of my favourites and they are the first of many rose pictures to follow as the flower of our holiday was scented roses. 

I think I may be just becoming a fan...