A new Loo Series from Les Deux Salons

In between Christmas and New Year we headed into town for a meal out, because well you can never eat too much at Christmas can you?  Not sure how busy it would be we booked a favourite of ours, Les Deux Salons close to Trafalgar Square, to save the aggravation of traipsing around trying to find somewhere with a waiting time of less than an hour.  I don't mind some times waiting, but not when it's cold, and definitely not when I'm hungry, so booking removed the guesswork.

It's a typically French restaurant, with typically French fare, and it's reasonably priced too. But today I'm not telling you about the restaurant, but their loos. They're upstairs and I was pleased I'd remembered to bring my phone, to save the multiple visits that normally happen when I'm not expecting such fancy loos. 

My eyes were taken by the mosaic tiled floor.

A mosaic tiled floor in the ladies at les deux salons in central london


And then I noticed the rest of the Ladies, the copper sinks, chrome accessories, while tiles, large mirrors and marble counters. Quite a statement isn't it?

First impressions were good, just look at that row of wash basins
The chrome wall light adds a stylish touch to the wash stands

Once again I found myself with the loos to myself, so what else was I to do?

Mirrors and me in the Ladies at les deux salons in central london
Three copper sinks and oozing charm and style

Now I mentioned the sinks before, but I didn't tell you how beautiful they were. The colours were fantastic and to have the four in a row was just stunning.

A close up of the copper sink, which makes for quite a stylish ladies loo

Breathtaking even.

Just look at the colours and the patination of the copper sink

So if you find yourselves near Trafalgar Square and fancy a great Steak Frites then pop over to Les Deux Salons, and don't forget to check out the loos in person.  MOH tells me the Gents were "quite fancy" too, he also told me he wouldn't be seen dead taking photos in a loo either!

Could you live with a sink as beautiful as this?

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