Post Comment Love 3-5 March 2017

Hello there and welcome to this week's Post Comment Love. If you were here last week it was lovely to see you and if it's your first time linking with Morgan and I, then hello, you're very welcome. 

I've been feeling more organised this week and that's manifested itself in lots of lovely blog posts as I decided to harness my productivity. I'm not quite sure how it happened, or if it'll last but it's been very welcome. 

Last weekend saw my first foray into the garden too - I found some tulips which I should have planted in the autumn, oops, but they're planted now. I do wonder if the gardening is related to being more organised, who knows, maybe it's just a happy coincidence. It's been lovely to see some sun again this week hasn't it? And it's encouraged more of the spring bulbs to flower too, which is no bad thing at all. 

This week's photo is one from last night. MOH arrived home with some new tyres for his bike, he'd had a puncture at the weekend which he'd fixed but decided to buy some new tyres as a precaution. Both of us where surprised by the extensive instructions that came with them. Who'd have thought hey?!



Blogger Showcase: Emma from Emmmmerz

This week Morgan is hosting our Blogger Showcase, Emma from Emmmmerz who you may already be familiar with as she's a regular #PoCoLo linker. Before you pop over to Morgan's blog to find out more about Emma, who grew up in the 80s and part of the 90s and so is in that transitional generation who's watched technology take over the world. What she likes about blogging is how it makes her stop, calm down and think, I hadn't realised she lives in the centre of Alaska and says that's probably why she's not been to a blogging conference and is unlikely too any time soon.

Thanks for being our Blogger Showcase this week Emma, it's lovely to know more about you. Before you go and read all of Emma's answers please do connect with Emma, if you're not already doing so:

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