The final two - and my favourites - in the Grand Shed Project

Last week I shared some of the sheds from the Grand Shed Project - there was somewhere to read, somewhere to party and and indoor garden - today I'm sharing the final two, and I think I've saved the best until last.  Both are ideas that I can't see happening with MOH's shed, which is the traditional shed and despite me having several attempts at tidying and organising, somehow it still gets dishevelled and rummaged through, and he can't find a thing in it.  You'd think the labels on the plastic crates and storage boxes would help, well they would if things were put back in the right one!

1. The Sewing Shack

But anyway, maybe one day I'll have a sewing shed - how fabulous does that sound? And how luxurious?

Inside the Sewing shack - a shed in the grand shed project at grand designs live 2017

And it looked so spacious, even with a table, a wardrobe and an easy chair.  Plus some great ideas, look at the front of the wardrobe - or fabric store.

Looking into the grand shed project at grand designs live 2017

There was a novel storage for wool too, though I'm not sure I can see that catching on in this house. Our wine racks are used for more traditional items.

A novel use for a wine rack - but not sure it'll catch on!
Craft items in the sewing shack, one of the grand shed project at grand designs live 2017

That quote - I've had a couple of those unique creations!  I'll be getting my sewing machine out again shortly (in case you're wondering I've made little progress with my scrappy quilt and I'm hoping to get back to that soon) as I've plans to make some bunting, much to MOH's dismay and perpetual state of eye-rolling every time I mention it. It's because of this reaction that I'm determined to make some, not that I'm stubborn at all...

A blackboard is a great addition to the Sewing Shack, one of the grand shed projects

I think what really appeals to me about the Sewing Shack is having somewhere that is just dedicated to sewing and crafts. I call our study my craft room, but occasionally MOH makes a bid back for it as a study and a work from home space, which never goes well. 

He thinks it's cluttered (it is - I need a bigger space) and doesn't understand why I need all that junk. That is until he wants a piece of card, a bit of string or whatever and I disappear returning with the said item in hand.  It's organised to me, but just imagine not having to share it with anyone. Pure bliss.  

And I imagine a lot more productive than my current space.  I'll keep dreaming...

2. The Boutique Bedroom

The last shed I'm sharing from this year's Grand Designs Live is a bedroom, and a rather stylish one at that. Totally impractical and without an en-suite I can't see it catching on. But the muted colours of the decor gives plenty of inspiration for the more usual kind of bedrooms. The thing that struck me about this shed as I leaned as far into it as I could, was the amount of texture in a relatively small space.

Inside the boutique bedroom, one of the grand shed projects at Grand Designs Live 2017

It was good to see hints of copper still in evidence, with the mirror hanging on the wall and the items on the bedside table. And those dressing gardens would come in handy wouldn't they for the hop up the garden.

Somewhere to hang your dressing gown in the boutique bedroom grand shed project
I was glad to see the 101 things to do in a shed book make an appearance in the grand shed project

There were bookshelves too, and I was pleased to see the title "101 things to do in a shed" which I bought once for MOH - I think I've cleared it out too, as the title was the most interesting thing about the book!  But a shed exhibition without it, it wasn't going to happen was it?

So now you've seen all the sheds, which is your favourite?