Nautical loos in the Sail Loft at Greenwich, what else?

It's been a little while since my last visit to the Sail Loft in Greenwich, remember the one that wowed me with the floor and its furnishings? Well this time I popped to the loo, and remembered to take my phone, and they didn't disappoint.

I suspected that it was going to be a good loo when I spotted this door. I mean it'd have to be something to live up to the boldness, wouldn't it?

The door to the Ladies in the Sail Loft at Greenwich hinted at something special

And on the other side of the door, there was a large and interesting space. The often seen rectangular tiles, and spotlights, industrial nautical lighting but also a black ceiling and some gorgeous oak woodwork, and not forgetting the terracotta floor tiles. They all work fantastically well together, but at first thought probably not something you'd automatically think of.

Good size loos too, which makes a pleasant change

The lights were very similar to those at El Pastor in Borough Market, so I'm spotting a loo light trend...

It's those industrial looking lights again

The double - or should that be a double double or quadruple sink - was framed with ironwork and exposed pipework, with a handy shelf above it, so there was actually somewhere to put your bag while make up or hair running repairs are undertaken. All too often there's nowhere is there and then it all becomes a bit of a juggling act.

A double sink complete with the industrial look prevalent throughout the pub in Greenwich

And flowers too. A bold arrangement which looks striking against the decor.

Striking flowers in the toilets at the Sail Loft in Greenwich

Mirrors too, weren't in short supply.

ooh hello - that's me in the background there!
Mirrors, flowers, plenty of space and a space that looks great in the ladies toilet at The Sail Loft in Greenwich

So that's another great looking loo, and this pub keeps getting better and better in my eyes. Now all I need is another visit on a sunny(ish) day so I can check out the outside space...  Maybe, just maybe it won't be too long away!

What do you think of these loos? Are they your style, or are there elements you can use at home?