Succulents galore, sigh...

I do enjoy a succulent, and that's why almost every visit I've made - and no doubt will continue to make - to Wisley involves a trip to the Alpine House. I've already shared the Spring colours of the irises, narcissus and muscari, the small flowers that pack a big punch and today it's the turn of the succulents. 

It's all too easy to forget these are also alpines, some are outside the greenhouses while others are nestled amongst the flowers I've already shared. My favourites were those outside, so that's where most of my photos come from.

Purple and green succulents in and around the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

It's only recently that I've learnt that succulents can change colour, somehow I think if the ones above were just green, while they'd still look great, they wouldn't look anywhere near as dramatic?

The ones growing out of the hexagonal brick below are densely packed and therefore no doubt highly promiscuous. But in succulents, that's a good thing!

And growing out of a brick by the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

I was intrigued by the leaves on this one - it's inside, and almost has the look of a cyclamen doesn't it?

Cyclamen-like leaves in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley
Plenty of succulents in and around the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

The ones above had an almost water lily-like feel to them don't they, with gravel obviously, not water.  Having scoured the inside of the Alpine house, I was back outside admiring those nestled among upturened slabs and stones, which I'm sure is why these are a rockery favourite.

moss and succulents in and around the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

Even with the weeds and decaying leaves they manage to look interesting don't they?  Maybe I should refer to my plot as "interesting" from now on...

gravel and stones on end providing an ideal home for the succulents outside the Alpine House at RHS Wisley
Proof that they'll grow almost anywhere if the conditions are right

Seeing them nestled amongst the slabs here with the lichen has given me an idea. I'm struggling to find something that will grow in a narrow strip between our patio and fence, so I'm wondering if some succulents may help. While I've got one or two already, perhaps I should add to my collection and introduce some different varieties to try it with... 

Such detail on these succulents in and around the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

I'd be keen to have something like these above too - just look at the detail? I love their spikiness, oh dear I've a feeling a trip to the garden centre could be coming on...