Enjoying the colours in the Alpine House

This time of year is particularly grey isn't it?

There's hints of colour starting to appear in the garden, even in my garden, but generally its the greyness that starts to pervade our daylight hours. For someone who loves colour, I find this hard, so when I get a chance to absorb colour I take every opportunity. 

Sometimes that's an outfit, last weekend it was an orange skirt and top, with a black lace overtop to tone it down a bit (as I know not everyone does colour) matched with a pair of red sparkly shoes. 

Other times it's a blast of colour wherever I can get it.


After seeing the butterflies in the glass house at Wisley on Sunday, our next stop was the Alpine House, and another blast of colour.  These small flowers - irises, narcissi and muscari - pack a lot of punch.

Narcissi in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley
A daubenya in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

Spring has a tendency to deliver plenty of blue and yellow flowers so it was great to get an advance shot of all of these colours, especially the grape hyacinth, or muscari.  I'm hoping mine make an appearance soon.

Muscari - or grape hyacinth - in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

I am starting to spot crocuses around on my way to work and from the office window as there's a patch outside the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich where a yellow carpet of crocuses is starting to appear. I've not seen any quite like the ones below though, they're almost striped aren't they?

a three coloured crocus in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

I don't have any crocuses or irises in my garden, and when I see them I think it really should.  It's not much use to me remembering when they're in flower though is it?  I'll have to add them to my plant wish list - that doesn't really exist, in an actual list, which is why I rarely actually get the plants I say.  Perhaps I should start a proper list, I think I've probably got some stationery that I could use...

delicate irises in the Alpine House at RHS Wisley

I felt better on Sunday for having seen some colour, and even writing this post after a manic few days at work I feel better all over again for seeing the photos.  I'm sure each of us have mechanisms for coping with the grey, what's yours?