Reflecting on my week #74

This week just gone has been one of those that I’ve been building up to for a while and it didn’t disappoint.  You’ll have seen my pom pom sheep on Thursday to coincide with University Mental Health Day, and as well as the craft sessions there were plenty of other things going on.  The craft session I hosted with a colleague ended up doubling in length and was by all accounts a success.  Students and staff turned up to learn to knit and crochet, as well as to sit and start a square, leaving having made ‘a thing’.  Bemused senior managers stopped by to see what was going on and everyone who joined us for some crafting was pleasantly surprised to leave clutching their new needles or hook and a ball of wool, with the good intentions to carry on and learn more from YouTube.  There’s even the potential for  staff to get together occasionally at lunchtimes, which is something that’s promising - it’s almost like a secret club has been unearthed and I’m sure we’ll uncover some other crafters along the way too.

The lead up to any large scale event - at work, or home - is always a bit anxiety-inducing isn’t it?  And this was no different, but people came out and turned up to what they said they would so, generally, just phew.  Our challenge now is to build on this and make sure that it isn’t a one off thing, and quite frankly it’s too important a subject for it to be that,  thankfully there’s plenty of people at my university that think that way too.

Moody skies and sunlit trees in Greenwich Park

These photos are from my walk home through Greenwich Park on Monday, I’d left work early for a doctors appointment and it felt a rare treat to be enjoying the park at this time of day, and I suspect nature knew I’d need a calming influence before waiting for my turn to come, just thirty minutes after it was scheduled.  That’s the thing with appointments at the doctors, you never really expect them to be on time, but that’s not something you can bank on, and arrive late either, is it?  In the end I could have left work on time and arrived before I was called, but then again I wouldn’t have had the time to take these pictures.

trees springing into life in Greenwich park

It was almost farcical though when I saw the nurse. I was there for a smear test, never pleasant but essential, and she asked why I was there as I wasn’t due a test even though the doctor had said mine was overdue.  I mean, essential though they are, they’re not the kind of thing you’d turn up for out of the blue, are they? And with a welcome like this coupled with the news that the doctor wasn’t correct because “as you’re over 50 the tests are every five years” it’s no wonder that smear test attendance is at its lowest ever.

After a lengthy discussion, where it turned out I was in fact overdue (and therefore the doctor did know what he was talking about) as there should have been a test in 2017, the year I turned 50.  Without a letter to prompt making an appointment I’d unsurprisingly not made one, there was the assumption that turning 50 in the year a test was due was the problem. But because my last test was completed in 2014, in the end the test was almost grudgingly carried out.  

As I said, just the preamble anyone needs before any test... I told you the gods had sent me through the park for a reason! 

sunlight catching the gnarly old tree trunk in Greenwich Park

We dashed up to Norfolk after work Friday evening, throwing MOH’s bike in the back of the car in the hope the weather forecast might be wrong. It wasn’t. His bike didn’t get an outing after all, but unable to stay inside MOH went for a walk in the wet, windy weather arriving back more than a little damp - the pockets of his coat were still wet as we arrived home last night. Nice.

The weekend wasn’t a right off though, we had a lovely meal out in The Lifeboat Inn at Thornham, one of the best restaurants we’ve discovered up there.  Unusually all four of us opted for fish main courses, and even weirder I had a fish starter too, even I didn’t recognise myself!

There was successful wedding hat shopping too. My eldest niece is getting married in May, and a new hat was bought, I’m still working on the rest of the outfit, but the hat is now the lynchpin. It might not be the most conventional way to buy a hat, or plan an outfit, but there you go.  

There’s a fabulous hat shop in Burnham Market, called The Hat Shop, which I knew would be the place to try, and if I had no success here, then I’d be struggling so may need a complete rethink. It’s the sort of place you could never imagine, but has hats of all shapes, colours and sizes, and is quite something. I tried on many and was rather taken with several, all on an Alice-band-but-larger-than-fascinators including a lime green slanty oval one that completely clashed with the outfit I have in mind, a navy velvet creation which I think I upset the shop lady with by wearing the wrong way round, and insisting it was more comfortable pointing left than to the right which she assured me was “how it was designed”. Well, designed that way or not I preferred it the wrong way round and if I’d have bought it would have worn it that way too, as the band was way more comfortable and placed the hat where I wanted it on my head. 

I didn’t buy that one though as I’ve already got a navy hat, and velvet didn’t seem very Spring-like and would mean an outfit rethink. Instead I bought another coral hat (yes, I know I’ve already got one in that colour already) it’s a deeper colour though, I think, and quite different to the one I have and just kind of worked with my hair colour and style. 



And so, as it kind of worked, I bought it. Eek! I’ll be checking it against the outfit in daylight today, and will hopefully amaze myself with my shopping and colour matching skills. That or be on the lookout for something Spring-like that matches my new hat.

There’s plenty of shops to browse around in Burnham Market, and in one I spotted this sign which is my ‘de rigeur’ mode for text messages, so apologies if I owe you a text response, but please know I’ve read your text and replied in my head, even if I haven’t got around to doing it for real yet...

I'm busy now can I ignore you later? sign