A quick change in the loos

You didn’t think I’d go to The Grosvenor and miss out on photographing some loos, did you? Of course I didn’t. We were hoping our room would be ready (it wasn’t), which was disappointing, but on the other hand it did provide the perfect reason to go on a loo hunt. We opted to head away from the toilets nearest reception on the ground floor thinking that these would most likely be busy, and that seemed to pay off as the loos near the function room were quiet, in fact it was just like having my own space.

The thing that struck me was the door and the corridor leading to the loos, it was the narrowest I’ve seen for a while and loaded up with a bag, hat and brolly, I did well to manoeuvre through the entry challenge. Once in though the room was tastefully and understated, which is just what you’d expect I think. Something that was a bit too way out there, is more likely to jar in this environment.

The smallest door
A nice but pretty plain loo

But it was a space I quickly made my own. Here’s the before shot.

The during, or the takeover shot…

My impromptu changing area

And the after.

And voila, a quick change in the loos at The Grosvenor

A loo series with a difference this time round, but the first with a quick change.

Nice hat missus!