Port and patterns

in a great demonstration of dithering and procrastination, today I’m sharing photos from a trip to Portugal. But not our most recent trip there, from just the other month, but from our trip there in 2017. Partly because I’m struggling to believe it has been two years since we visited the Douro Valley, but also because it delays editing the photos from our recent trip!

So today we’re off to Quinta da Bomfim on the outskirts of Pinhao in the Douro Valley. We took a taxi there as the day before we’d done a bit of a recce and only made it part-way up the drive before realising we might have bitten off more than we could chew, especially in the temperatures which were freakishly high for October.

A view over the vineyards at Quinta da Bomfim in the Douro valley

But when we got there on our second attempt, it was well worth the views.

A pretty place to sit and enjoy the harvest of their labours

The views over the vineyards, of the terrace and the products, if you know what I mean.

port tasting

And with views like this it was hard to motivate ourselves for the long walk back.

a good way to enjoy the day

But eventually we did, and of course not before a visit to the Ladies, which, as I’ve said before, wasn’t quite what I expected for such a traditional surrounding.

diamonds, circles and red shoes of course

For a pattern lover, it was a blast though.

Tiled walls, tiled floors and panelled doors

It was the sort of place where you weren’t quite sure where the floor ended and where the wall started, though of course you’d quickly discover that if you walked a bit too far.

The way out

You can see how pleased I am with this loo discovery, or actually it could be down to the port sampling.

splashbacks, sinks, doors and me

And now this post is out of the way, who knows maybe I’ll even get around to editing some of those more recent photos…