Rich in colour and pattern

Today I'm sharing a room set from this year's Grand Designs Live and I expect it to be a bit marmite.  Everywhere you look there's colour and pattern, and colour and pattern on top of that.  It is an assault on your senses, and while I don't think I could live with all of it, I do admire it. 

Patterns everywhere you look in this bedroom room set at Grand Designs Live

I think I like the patterns individually, but it's rare that many of us would put so many bold colour-ways and patterns together.  But I think, along with the accessories, it gives the room a vintage feel.  One of the things I'm struck by is the flooring, with the geometric black and white pattern overlaid with carpet which has an almost chinoiserie-like feel to it, and somehow it works.

The wall art also contributes to the eclectic feel, with its butterflies forming a wreath complementing the big cat on the wallpaper.  I didn't spot that to start with either.

Butterfly wall art contribute to the colourful room set

In fact the table lamps are probably the most staid item in the room, or the shades anyway.  The lamp bases with the glass (crystal?) blobs bounce the colour and pattern around the room, and the jade green oyster chairs bring yet another burst of solid colour.

A sideboard, patterned carpet and jade armchairs in the room set from Grand Designs Live

I think the chairs needed to be a plain colour, or it would be a pattern too much.  But how many is too many?  I think the boundaries may just have been pushed with this room.  The bed too is reflective of the room, and full of colour, with even more pops of colour added above the headboard.  It goes against what we expect for a restful bedroom doesn't it?

Even the bed and bedding are colourful

Even so though, it's a room that's been cleverly put together, and one that while I admire I fully recognise some might need sunglasses to enter, what do you think?