A dramatic kitchen room set

It’s been a while since I shared a room set, and today is the last of the main room sets at this year’s Ideal Home Show. But it’s not the last of the room sets from that show as there were some more, bonus, room sets towards the back of the show. They were smaller but all bathrooms and kitchens so there’ll be some more to ogle at at some point.

Looking through my pictures though I was surprised I’d not already shared this one, as it’s a beauty. And totally my colours. Sadly it’s too dark for our kitchen space, and we don’t actually need a new kitchen having replaced ours only in 2013. But a girl can lust, can’t she?

dark greys and earthy tones in this dramatic kitchen at the ideal home show

And when it’s as gorgeous as that, the answer to my question is obviously yes!

Earlier in the year “mixed metallics” was a thing, and maybe still is, but this kitchen is the best example I’ve found of that trend. Copper and brass mix together with ease, and while my natural inclination would be to scrinch my nose up at the thought of those together, they go a lot better than I ever imagined.

Copper and wood stools nestled under the breakfast bar

The stools though, aren’t they great? And the integrated breakfast bar is done well and I can see this being a really flexible and social space.

A great spot for breakfast

In fact, when can I move in?

Copper and brass accessories add a pop to a dramatic kitchen

The metallics also lift the dark coloured units, and I think more of us should have some decorative areas in our functional spaces, because if we don’t like the look of somewhere we’re fickle things aren’t we and avoid spending time there. And in a space like this, that’d be a real shame.

open shelves for storage

So, what do you think - hit or miss for this dark and earthy with mixed metallics kitchen?