Love this #81: Balls of fire, or garden fireballs

I saw these at the Ideal Home Show much earlier in the year and now that the weather is turning a little chillier it seemed a good time to share them, as we try and extend the use of our gardens for as long as we can.  You might have thought about a fire pit, and we have, but what do you do with it when it's not in use, they're not always so attractive looking are they?

Which is where the garden fireballs are different, there's a range of designs and sizes available in these steel balls for fire.  Whether you want a traditional leaf design, the stag or as I've seen on their website a dragon design, which really would breathe fire wouldn't it?

Decorative and functional and useful too
A stag design fireball

I spent a fair amount of time at this stand admiring them all, and wondering where I could fit one into my garden.  As you'll know I didn't leave with one - you'd have seen it in my garden by now, if I had, but I did leave seriously impressed. The designs are great, although I'm not sure which I'd choose if it came down to it, but also because they can be left out in the garden year round, and while not in use keeping you warm will bring a decorative element to your garden.

butterfly fireball design at the Ideal Home Show 2018

There's a practical element too, each comes with a drain hole so they won't become waterlogged and not be ready.  I think they could quite easily sit within a border over winter, and act as a reminder of warmer days.  I've definitely got one earmarked for a future garden, and if MOH had been with me then it's more than likely we'd have had a serious conversation.

Garden fireballs - I was severely tempted

What do you think?  They're definitely on my Love List!