Reflecting on my week #75

The good news is the hat I bought in Norfolk is exactly the same colour as the outfit I had in mind. Both are a deep coral-ly red, though the outfit also has white spots on, so i won’t look like an oversized tangerine or similar. The less good news is that it’s a little tight, so I need to do something about that. Thankfully though I think that’s doable, with eating a little less and being a little more active.

And so to put my money where my mouth is, this weekend I dug out my exercise gear and a DVD. I’ve even tried them both out for size - and survived - and have come up with a cunning plan to enable me to avoid prancing around the living room, instead prancing around the spare bedroom which I think has a little more privacy, and is definitely less likely to have a double decker bus full of people watching!

exercise gear ready for use

It has been quite a while since these have had any use, I’m sorry to say and while I walk to work, I’ve not been doing much else. Which is bad. But I’m hoping that will all change, so by being more active and eating more carefully - by which I mean eating less, as recently I tracked what I ate in a day and it’s true, doing this is quite enlightening, and for all the wrong reasons.

I don’t believe there is any wrong food, but clearly some foods are more filling and less calorific than others, and so it’s these that we’ll be aiming to eat more of. MOH, of course, is none the wiser about this upcoming change, but he’s an easy going sort so I’m sure he’ll cope. Remember when we tried the 5:2 diet and on fast days his lunch was a tuna melt? That’s when I discovered he doesn’t do calorie counting, and to be fair neither do I. We’re much better at taking our lunch to work lately, and that will help as I find when I’m busy and haven’t planned food I leave it to the last minute and then grab whatever’s available.

The plan is to do thirty minutes of aerobics exercise a day for six weeks. Thankfully the eldest niece’s wedding is in eight weeks, so that should be doable and the rewards (as well as having a less snug outfit) will be a new pair of shoes and a matching handbag.

Along with all the weather this weekend, I’ve had a weekend of catching up and domesticity. Despite what I’ve written above there’s also been a plum crumble and some tasty food. Eating healthily doesn’t mean we need to eat dull food, does it? I know for me, it will mean less bread (which is a shame), less potatoes (which I can cope more easily with) and much more vegetables (which is fine, as long as I remember to buy them!), and it means planning ahead. I’ve a freezer full of food, and plenty in the store cupboard so it shouldn’t be that hard.

Like many people around the country I’ve been following the chaos in Parliament, I’m not going to comment any more on that, but it seems that it’s evident that the media are keen to have us believing we should be stockpiling in case it is ‘no deal’ - MOH and I had one of those what if conversations about what we should stockpile, and as a result now have plans to go to Majestic during the week. Priorities, right?

I’ve a couple of posts coming up this week that I’m really quite pleased with, and for different reasons. The first is later today and I’m sharing a stunning, new print, which I think is very me. The second will be on here tomorrow, and it’s one that had MOH asking if I was well, and while it’s one that’s a little embarrassing, it’s also quite rewarding - I’ll not share any more now, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out what I mean…