Tiles and style at the Curious Pig

We’ve been to the Curious Pig in the Parlour in West Sussex a couple of times now for Sunday lunch, and I think we’ll be going back. it’s a great name for a pub, but it’s also a great place to eat, and the interiors are pretty special too. It’s a much bigger space than we realised on our first visit, and the interiors often had a quirky touch.

artwork in the Restaurant at the Curious Pig

The stripey deer picture was above our table, the colours and its simple frame makes it work. And looking at it again it would be relatively easy to replicate with a stencilled cut out and washi tape. Hmmm, now there’s an idea...

But it wasn’t just the artwork that appealed. Look at that flooring, tiles that wouldn’t look out of place in Portugal, wooden floors, comfortable banquette seating for our alcove table, which was generous for just the three of us, but very welcome as we felt connected but cocooned from the general hubbub of a busy pub.

Seating, tiled floors and our table at the Curious Pig
Cushions and seating at the Curious Pig

So I had high expectations of the loos, and I wasn’t disappointed. The simple, but effective, grey-green tiles were the scene stealer.

pale green tiles in the loos at the Curious Pig

The hooks were pretty special too though.

Hooks with character

And it’s a Ladies with towels to dry your hands on. Way preferable, and much more hygenic and sustainable than the hand dryers you often find.

A stack of hand towels in the Ladies

And yes, more pictures of the tiles. Though it seems a closer look shows some gaps in the grouting. And an even closer look (and yes I did) they may not be as unique and irregular as you first think, as the ‘pattern’ in the glaze repeats. That said, they’re still pretty and despite MOH not being a fan of this shape of tile (too municipal lavatory, apparently) I’d be willing to put my case forward for these.

Tiles - gorgeous

Finding inspirationally decorated loos, is always a win. What do you think, are you a fan of this decor, or is your style something different?

Dark and exotic, pineapples and monkeys

You know how much I like a good loo, and i’m sharing one today.

A couple of weekends ago we were out for Sunday lunch with MOH’s family at the Dukes Head in Crawley Down, West Sussex. We’d been there before, but it seems to have been redecorated since our last visit, and it looks great.

The food there is great too, on our last visit we all opted for Sunday lunch and it was the type of Sunday lunch that comes with no spare space on your plate so you have to eat your way through some to create space for the vegetables which are served separately. I’d definitely recommend, although it seems when it comes to eating speed I’m much slower than MOH’s family.

monkeys,  orchids and pineapples and bold colours

Isn’t it dark and moody, but elegant at the same time? Did you see the monkeys on the wallpaper, they can’t fail to amuse.

Monkeying around the mirror at the Dukes Head in Crawley Down

I think the golden pineapples are a first for The Loo Series, it’s not often the doors are adorned - the other one that springs to mind is the loos with the flip flops - but it’s a completely different style isn’t it? Looking at the photo now, they look like door knockers, but I’m not sure they are. Now that would be odd, and a first for The Loo Series!

golden pineapples on the doors

I want to take a moment to admire this tiled wall, isn’t it gorgeous. The dark tiles, while grout and tiles placed vertically instead of horizontally - all of these contribute to its overall look. The fact that it’s sparkling helps too.

A gloriously dark tiled wall

So another Ladies with character, what do you think?

The one with the redecorated loo

Last weekend we celebrated my MIL’s birthday with afternoon tea at Alexander House Hotel in West Sussex, and it wasn’t our first time there. Our previous visit, also for afternoon tea (they’re good) was a couple of years ago, and then I shared how my outfit seemed to match the painting in the loo.

When thinking about what to wear I remembered them matching my yellow dress before, and thought I’d wear something different this time. I’m a fan of colour, often wearing, at least one bright colour but nothing really jumped out at me as I recalled my wardrobe. So, as often is the case, I chose the shoes I wanted to wear and went from there, thinking nothing more of it.

After eating more than I had in a while, and yet still not managing to polish off all the cakes - I know, I was shocked too - and drinking a pot or two of “sparkling white” white tea, a trip to the loos brought a good excuse for a break and a wander. Remembering the loos from before, and knowing I’d already shared them here, I almost didn’t take my bag with me…

It was obvious though, that something had changed.

A change in wallpaper and accessories
textured wallpaper in the loos at Alexander's House hotel in West Sussex

I noticed the wallpaper straight away, it’s similar to the bamboo wallpaper we have on one wall in our living room, but with more sparkle. Had I known I could have got some sparkle in my wallpaper then maybe I’d’ve had some, as it would bring an element of light to the wall. I was less sure though if the basins had been changed, so later I checked my earlier post and they had. In place of white traditional sinks where these countertop basins, which as you can see bring another metallic texture to the space.

A change in sink too at Alexander's House Hotel

The wallpaper was different too, more metallics and with a geometric pattern - the light in the photo below seems to have played havoc with the colour, but I couldn’t resist showing you this wall, isn’t it great?

geometric and metallic wallpaper

In the lobby area, you can see a truer colour of the wallpaper, and it was great to see the picture still hanging in the same place. The padded bench seat though was the star and this is my favourite view of the loos - I know, how weird is that, I mean how many people have a favourite loo view?!

The painting is still there and joined by an emerald padded seat
Isn't the emerald padded seat stunning

But you know what I mean, it almost seems wasted in the loo (but it was too large for my handbag!)

Redecorated and an outfit that tones with the new decor

So that’s another first for the Loo Series, this is the first loo that’s been redecorated and therefore featured twice. I think I much prefer the updated version, but what about you?