Post Comment Love 29 June - 1 July

Hello there and welcome to #PoCoLo, and July!  If you were here last week it was great to see you, if you're new here this week you're very welcome - have a look around and hopefully you'll find some new-to-you blogs to read.

Apologies for the brevity of last week's post, I didn't actually get to start writing it until about 1am last Friday morning after getting home following a day that was, what can only be described as emotional. We'd had the sort of evening where everyone was just about managing to hold back the tears for some of the time and I've explained a little bit more in my regular Monday post.  This week has brought a new learning curve, sadly majoring in palliative care for my FIL.

But there's been sunnier moments too, and quite literally the weather has continued to amaze us doesn't it?  And while last night's football game reverted more to type, that's been pretty balmy too.  What's more in a renewed bid for self-care I've managed to take lunch away from my desk at least twice already this week, and for one of those was joined by my crochet - it seems like ages since I picked it up. 

A while back I had the cunning plan to leave a ball of wall and a crochet hook in my desk so I could squeeze in a bit more crochet if I needed it.  And although this was the first time I'd let myself take advantage of this, I'm certain it won't be the last.

My picture this week is of the ripening cherries in our garden.  I've a feeling they don't look quite as "whole" as they do here as the bird community are making the most of the summer fruits too, but who can blame them.

cherries in our garden

Blogger Showcase: Daniella from Halo Halo

Daniella is still a student whose perfect night in includes binge watcher her favourite You Tube and says that blogging is a hobby that turned into her passion, I suspect there's a few more of us in that camp, hey?  And we have our first soda and pizza type of person, or so far at least according to Daniella.

To find out more about Daniella and her blog, pop over to Morgan's this week to read the full answers.

Don't forget to connect with Daniella before you go though: Twitter  -  Instagram