My garden in November

In a word, my garden in November, has been all about the leaves. Lots of them. But we had some time, and relatively decent weather last weekend so our job was to tackle as many as we could and to prepare the garden for winter, although with the table wet we weren’t sure if the latter would happen.

Leaves on a wet garden table

Did I mention we had a few leaves to collect?

Leaves covering the grass

Yes exactly. The good news is that leaves make great leaf mulch, but after filling two black sacks it was clear we’d run out of sacks much sooner than we’d make headway with the leaves. So another plan was needed. Luckily we hadn’t got rid of all the builders bags - you know the big ones with the handles on, the ones that when they’re full are almost impossible to move? Yes, one of those, which once MOH had finished was full of leaves. Whoops. But on the plus side, it’s the first time we’ve moved one of these builders bags easily!



And that was just leaves from the grass, we haven’t tackled the leaves on the beds yet. Although the yucca is lending a point or two and spearing leaves as they drop. It’s just not as quick as I’d like.

leaves - and moss - on the greenhouse

There’s leaves on the greenhouse too, and the moss has gone into overdrive too - already there’s a job for Spring! Much easier to tackle though was removing the leaves covering my succulents, which have continued to grow and spread over the summer. I’ve moved them into the greenhouse for a while as the soil was quite damp, I’ll need to remember to check on them as I don’t want them to completely dry out.

Leaves in my succulents

I’m sure you get the idea about the leaves. Picking leaves up is the dullest job in the world. Blowing them about the place though, that’s something entirely different and much more fun. But thankfully there were other jobs to do while leaf picking up was required, and so I busied myself covering up the agapanthus with fleece and moving pots into a more sheltered position, and freeing up some space to store the table over the winter. Cunning huh?

autumn colours on the agapanthus

On the patio the white rosebush is continuing its best to flower, with a few rosebuds appearing. It’s been so mild here it’s not really surprising but it’ll be interested to see how long they last.

A delicate rosebud on the patio
chrysants, slate and wellies

There’s still some colour in the garden - even with all of those leaves gone - and just as we were heading in I snapped one of my favourite garden shots. There’s just something about it that makes me smile, and manages to sum up our afternoon gardening.