There's a hole in my allotment shorts...

And yes I have allotment shorts. They're old and much loved. And they had a hole in them, probably from having a very long life with me. They're comfortable and perfect for gardening here or on the plot, they've lots of pockets and they're neither too short nor too long.  Just perfect for gardening in. They used to be khaki, but I think they're closer to grey now and actually I prefer them this colour.

So the hole was a bit of a disappointment.

And it was quite a hole, just above the hem on the left leg. I've carried on wearing them, but knew I'd need to do something, or else the hole would grow.

So when I remembered I had this pretty bias binding, I had an idea.

I cut away the threads, cut two pieces of bias binding and edged those. 

The pinned them in place and attacked my shorts with the sewing machine!

And now I have a pretty hole on my allotment shorts!

You see, I'd sort of got used to having the hole there and it didn't bother me in the slightest. I could have sewn a patch over the hole, but I much prefer it this way.

I'll have the best looking hole-y shorts on the allotment now!  What do you think?