Fancy wallpaper and a painting to match my dress

Last weekend we celebrated my in-law's Golden wedding anniversary with afternoon tea at Alexander House Hotel in West Sussex. I'd not been there before, but when we arrived and I spotted those chimneys and the huge magnolia underneath them, I had a feeling it would be a place with some quirks. 

alexander house hotel in west sussex with some fabulous chimneys

And I wasn't wrong. The patterned floor and log stack where in a porch near the bar. The desk with the vintage news sign and the chandelier were just inside the front door. Afternoon tea was great and I proved to myself once again why I could never be a food blogger. I was too interested in eating and drinking and so there are no photos of the food, but it's good, so if you're local definitely give it a go.

Pretty tiles in the porch
A chandelier in the lobby
A desk fit for a concierge
A log store and pretty tiles

You're probably wondering why then I'm writing about a place I visited. Well, unexpectedly I discovered my next post in The Loo Series, which as you've guessed features the loos. And I say unexpectedly as wouldn't you know it I had to make a return visit with my phone.  But it gave me the opportunity to pose with the mirror that was almost as big as the generous door to the cloakrooms.

but through the door next to the mirror

It was the wallpaper that really caught my eye.

picture frame wallpaper

And the accessories.  The mirrors.  And the toiletries, the Verveine range from L'Occitane is a particular favourite and I'm also rather partial to a Verveine tea after dinner too.  When we're in France the Verveine tea bags are usually one of the first things that go in our shopping trolley as we head towards the wine!

hand towels
mirrored wall above the sink
verveine toiletries

All of that made for a lovely bathroom.  Once again though I was lucky to have the space to myself so I didn't look a right lemon photographing the loos.  In my title I promised you a painting to match my dress. And here it is.

the colourful ante room

This was in the ante room as you entered from the corridor, and while it's not my usual style of painting, I couldn't help but notice how well it matched my dress. I think my new friend agreed too.

A fancy mirror, me and a new friend

So once again proof that bold colours do work in bathrooms, admittedly this is larger than a bathroom in a house might be, but it's bold and beautiful.  And top marks to the hotel for decorating it to match my outfit!

Do you find yourself noticing the decor in unusual places, or is it just me?