Introducing the Loo Series...

Yes, it seems I have a thing for loos, specifically their decor.  Remember those fancy-pants ones at One Marylebone?  Well this weekend I spotted a trend when I found myself snapping pictures of the decor of the loos in the new Flat Iron in Covent Garden.

We'd had a busy day in town Sunday. MOH had run in the 10k Winter Run and then we'd popped up to the Alessi store to buy some new tableware. Well after all of that, and despite the croissant in Paul, we were both rather peckish, so we headed over to the new Flat Iron in Covent Garden with the hope that there wouldn't be a queue longer than all of our arms put together.

We were in luck, there wasn't a queue at all and we were quickly shown to our table. The menu there is fairly easy to navigate - flat iron steaks, house salad are de rigeur and along with some fries and a side dish of green veg, I'm easily sorted. So leaving these instructions with MOH I headed off to find the toilets - coffee and a pint of beer, followed by lots of walking necessitated a visit.

There wasn't a queue there either, and just as well really or else I'd have looked a right oddball taking these pictures. 


At first I was struck by the funkiness - and well let's be honest, the hardware shop approach, to the taps. They worked well with the trough sink - there were four taps along the length of the sink. And then I took more time to take in my surroundings and they were quite something.

The colour of the tiles for one. Gorgeous aren't they?


A wire basket for hand towels.


And the cubicle doors were great too.  It's not the best photo as well, I hadn't really expected to find myself taking these pictures but with an empty ladies and one looking so funky I just had to.


Remembering the real reason we were in the restaurant - yes to eat - I eventually went back upstairs and arrived back at the table to MOH's questioning look. I'm still not sure he totally got it, even when I showed him the photos - maybe one day when I'm angling for copper pipe taps in a bathroom of ours he'll click, maybe not.

Anyway it's not just the loos at Flat Iron that are fab, the restaurant's decor is pretty cool too. It clicked for me as it mixes old and new so well, something I'd love to be able to do more of at home. Just look at this floor.


And the tiles in the window (to the right of the picture). I'm including this picture because, the blocks are actually bars of chocolate. You can just see some shavings in the foreground, when we left we left with an ice cream rolled in this chocolate - it was heavenly.


So back at the table, with steaks and wine ordered I was still enthusing about the loos. That is until I saw the light above our table...


Yes, wow. Just wow.

A great place. The decor's a mix of modern and reclaimed with a hint of quirky. And the steaks are good too. If you're in Covent Garden stop in, but be prepared to queue.  The worst that can happen is a cocktail while you're waiting - if anyone asks, tell them I said it's the rules!


And the next time I find some fancy loos, I'll be sure to share them with you!

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