Making cute pom-pom Easter bunnies and chicks

Recently I saw some cute pom-pom Easter bunnies and chicks on Pinterest, and well you know how much I like to try some of the things I see on there, I thought I'd give these a go. I looked at the original post and thought it should be relatively easy enough to do. In fact the trickiest bit was probably drawing the templates, but I reckoned that they didn't need to be perfect and just needed to look enough like a bunny or a chick - you might already have seen these on my Easter tea party post on Sunday!

So with my bunny template and some small scraps of wool I was ready.

Pom-pom Easter bunny template

1. You'll need two bunny shaped cut-outs and then simply wind the wool from the centre hole around the bunny's middle.  I used small lengths of wool as that made it easier to get it through the central hole. As the hole filled up I found using a crochet hook invaluable to guide the wool. 

Start the pom-pom

2. I decided to have multi-coloured pom-poms; to join the second colour just tuck the end under the wool as you continue to wind the wool through the hole. If it's longer than the rest it doesn't matter as you can trim it later.

This took me right back to making pom-poms as a child, although we stuck with circular pieces of card for the traditional round pom-poms.

Adding a second colour

3. When you've wound as much wool as you want around the card - remember the more wool you wind, the fuller your pom-pom will be - then it's time to cut the threads. 

Tip: keep your thumb firmly on the centre of the bunny!

Cutting the pom-pom

4. Then take another length of wool and tie it between the two pieces of card around the wool you've just cut.  Tie it tightly, this is what will keep your pom-pom together.

Tying the pom-pom

5. Draw a face, and you're done!  

To make them stand up unaided I've found folding the bottom edge out helps - you'll see what I mean with the chick.

Drawing a face

To make a chick

Repeat the same process, this time with a chick-shaped template.

Making an pom-pom Easter chick
Cutting the wool

And there you go, a cute and easy way to make a pom-pom Easter bunny and an Easter chick.  Winding the wool around the cardboard is quite soothing and easy to do, so it'd make a great craft to do with the kids.

Easter bunny & a pom-pom chick

What do you think of my pom-pom bunny and chick?

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