Love this #70: A quilted vegetable patch or three

Yes a quilted vegetable patch, in fact three. I saw these back in April when I went along to a crafting show at the Excel. I'd booked a slot at a learn to crochet session which ended up being cancelled and as I'd had to buy a ticket to the show I went along anyway.

Although I managed to leave the show with some crafting goodies, it was a small show and I probably wouldn't go again. The highlight for me was the quilts on display, today I'm sharing three of those, and the detail on them is exquisite.

1. The vegetable patch

This quilt by Megan Barley is inspired by a friend's allotment. The vegetables are instantly recognisable aren't they and the quilting on the background adds texture to the "earth".

A quilted vegetable plot

It's very clever and very creative, but there was more to come.

2. Growing Green

This quilt by Lesley Brankin held my attention for such a long time and even when I was writing this post my eyes continued to explore its detail. Carrots, beetroot and parsnips are all allotment staples and I love the seed packets, which were transfer printed. I'm also a fan of companion planting and making above ground look as pretty as below ground is productive. Sadly not something I'm achieving on my allotment right now, but give it time. And measure that time in years and I might be part of the way there!

Beetroot, carrots and parsnips on a quilt

I wanted to show you the detail on this quilt, so here's a couple of close-ups of the beetroot and of the flowers and butterfly.  And yes, there's embroidery and beads on there too.

A closer look at the beetroot and the seed packet
And there's companion planting flowers too

3. The allotment

Margaret McCrory's quilt has quite a story. Its inspiration was her daughter's allotment and the connection she had with her grandmother's garden, and she wrote about this on fabric, painted over it and then cut it up to use on the quilt. There's photos of flowers, fruit and vegetable memories too.  And I'm pretty sure I can see a shed, which as you know I don't have on my plot.

A quilted allotment plot - and it's got a shed!

And since I wrote that poem things have got worse as our makeshift bench storage has started to fall apart and needs some TLC. But that's for another day, today I'm just admiring and in awe of the skill on display in these quilts.  

Aren't they unique works of art?

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