Love this #71: A new Impressionist rug from My Rug Store

When My Rug Store got in touch I was intrigued. I'd not bought a rug online before, and if I'm honest I wasn't sure how it would work out. But after spending a couple of evenings on their site I knew I'd be choosing a rug to try at home, the only problem was, which one?!

There was - and is - lots of choice. I contemplated a rug for the landing outside our bedroom to replace the one we have there, but it's an odd size and the more I looked, the more I realised I'm quite attached to our charity shop find. So then I wondered about a rug for our main living space.

I've written before about how we have wooden floors throughout downstairs and I really do think that, as lovely as they are, they need a rug. We've had a variety of rugs by the sofas in an attempt to zone the room. It started with the large rug that MOH had in his flat, a beautiful rug but too big for the space. For a while that lived in the conservatory but found its long-term home when we redecorated our spare room last year.

Then there was a beige patterned rug with a ribbon pattern. A nice rug but it looked better in our top spare bedroom so after a while we moved it there. It also made way for the shaggy red rug which has probably lasted the longest in the space, until now.  The shaggy red rug (you can see it playing a supporting role in this post) is currently lodging in our bedroom, but looking for a longer term home.

It's been displaced you see. By a brand new rug. 

The one that every time I looked at the My Rug Store site, I kept coming back to. And so, that had to be the one, right? It was a little larger than our previous rugs (apart from the huge one that's now under the futon), but at 120cm x 70cm it's actually the perfect size and a size I wish we'd tried much sooner. It fills the space between our right angled sofas - and yes, at the moment they don't match, we got rid of the uncomfortable 3-seater sofa at the start of the summer and are using a garden sofa until we get its permanent replacement.

So let's take a look.

A grey sofa and my new Impressionist rug from My Rug Store

You can see why it's called an Impressionist rug now can't you?

And yes, it's cream. That's partly why I ummed and ahhed because, well because you know, cream. In my main living space with push bikes coming through and our muddy gardeners feet too. Thankfully though it's easy to move - and fits right under our grey sofa when we need it too, giving us a clear pathway through.

The pattern reminded me of the modern abstract picture we have on the wall. It's actually nothing like it, as you can see below, but there was just something about this rug. Perhaps it was the colours - there's every colour we have in our house in this rug. And I like that. I hoped it would help tie everything together.

A portrait view of our main living space with new abstract rug which reminded me of our abstract print

And I think it has, my sister-in-law commented that it lifts the living space and links the seating area with the dining area. And I think she's right. Having the cream based rug in our main living space really links through to our white table. And I think it helps that I have the yellow end of the rug nearest to the yellow chairs, sometimes it really is the small things isn't it?

Using the Impressionist rug to tie living spaces together

Part of the attraction to me is how the colours look like brush strokes that have been painted, with fading edges. And close up it works too, the edging bound with the same cream colour provides a great non-fussy border. No tassels or fringing on this rug, and it's all the better for it.

The rug itself is a sisley and is 100% polypropylene and I wasn't sure what this would be like. I needn't have worried though as the rug feels luxurious and not cheap or "plastic" at all. It's the first time I've ordered a rug online, and it's definitely something I'd do again.

A close-up of the My Rug Store rug
Impressionist rug close up
Already I'm loving this rug, if this is your style of rug there are a few other designs in the Impressionist rug range, so do pop over and take a look. And to be honest, there's a huge choice on their site, so even if these aren't your thing I bet there's something that is.

We're still in the new phase of having this rug. And especially as it's cream we've been avoiding walking on it with our shoes on and it's either been moved out of the way when our bikes come through, or MOH carries his lightweight bike over it. So you can just imagine my surprise when I saw this Saturday morning!

shoes on my new rug


Although later in the day I didn't have a leg to stand on, as I managed to knock a full cup of tea onto the floor. Luckily only some of it splashed onto the rug and I was able to blot those off with no lasting tea-stained effects. Phew. And for me that's the sign of a good rug - and as a clumsy owner, that's a very good thing!


Disclaimer: I received a rug for the purposes of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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