Hello March!

And from the looks of things, or at least those things influenced by my stationery gift box, March is going to have a tropical, but pastel feel to it. If I'm honest, pastels aren't really my thing, they used to be. In the 80s they were a thing before the fluorescent trend, and I think I had my fill then. 

I loved wearing them at the time, but perhaps it was the scars from the pale pink dress I was wearing and refused entry to a nightclub I was trying to get into on Canvey of all places, that did it for me and pastels.  Nothing to do with the fact that I was way too young to be in the said nightclub, and despite being practice perfect on my fake date of birth I fluffed it when asked, no it was all to do with the pastel dress. Not even my white canvas boots helped, ah well, I'm sure I didn't really miss out...

A pastel ensemble for March's Papergang subscription box

There is so much detail in this month's Papergang box, the picture above was just the sleeve that it arrived in, sharing its Palm Springs look for anyone that cared to look.  The month card has a more prickly feel to it, the designs I mean, not the actual card as that would be wierd.

As I've come to expect - the month's view

I'm learning that these are boxes that I'll just need to start using, I've a couple of weekly jotters/planners now and they are just too pretty not to use. It might seem strange but the hit with me this month was the pencil, with it's gold lettering of "Road trip plans" as that really is on my to do list, as our holiday to the States this autumn won't plan itself will it?

A look at the contents of March's papergang box

Palm Springs isn't on our list for that trip, but if they have pink polar bears - that is a pink polar bear right? - then maybe it could be an addition...  I've no idea where or how I'm going to use these stickers, perhaps I should be adding them to my blog notebook, which I've diligently and rather obsessively drawn squares on, just to cater to my need to tick things off a list. 

I really do have tick boxes, I just need to work on those ticks...

What do you think of the March Papergang box?  It's the second of the boxes I've shared here, I've already shared the box for February and I'm waiting for the right time to share, the final box in my gift subscription, April. All I'll say is it's a bit pink, it arrived early again and I'm already wondering if I should continue with this for another few months.

I mean, I don't need more stationery, but need doesn't really come into it with pretty stationery does it?