A family room, with a lot going on

I'm in two minds about this room set at this year's Ideal Home Show. I like stuff and things around me so it should be my thing, but I'm not sure if it is, and I'm not really sure why.  There's nothing in here that really offends me, but other than it having a real lived in feel, there's not much in here that really grabs me either.  

Perhaps it's fallen into that betwixt and between, and is neither one or the other - I'd be interested to know what you think after you've seen the photos. So, onto the room set.

a look at the family room at this year's ideal home show

Perhaps it's because too much of it is neutral in my opinion. But I do know that the standout item is the wall hung bureau or writing station - it reminds me of the bureau we had when growing up. The idea of closing the flap (writing table) and shutting away the office for the evening is almost completely alien to us now, now that we've developed the 'always on' mentality.  Somehow just the flap of that piece of furniture harks back to a time less frantic, peculiar hey?

a corner fireplace and walls with abstract painted shapes

It does make good use of the wall space though, there's the corner fireplace above and the wall mounted drawers below.  There's plenty of shelf space too.

Lots of momentos in the family room at the ideal home show

As I've said in previous Ideal Home posts from this year, there was often a brightly coloured armchair bringing a pop of colour, and this room set was no different.  This time orange. 

A fern, a succulent and a comfy corner to sit
A pop of colour and pompoms on the cushion (again)

And there was another pompom trimmed cushion.  I tell you, they're everywhere.

a side view of the family room at the ideal home show

So what do you think, are you smitten or a bit take it or leave it, like me?