Poolside at John Lewis with Sunnylife

Remember that hot spell, the one that some are referring to as our summer? Yes, well I hope it's not our summer, but that one - in the midst of the heat I popped along to a pool party at John Lewis at Oxford Street and the weather couldn't have been better for it. 

The Poolside I'm talking about though was indoors on the third floor - and is open to the public until 12 May - so it really doesn't matter what the weather's like outside.  Although wouldn't it be good for it to be warmer than the six degrees that's forecast for tomorrow, the last day of April, surely the zaniest of months for weather so far this year.  (By the way 2018, that's not a challenge!)

What a welcome to Poolside at John Lewis, a pretty cocktail complete with petals
Arriving on the third floor at John Lewis' Oxford Street store I immediately spotted a riot of colour and headed in that direction. It wasn't long before I held the pretty cocktail above in my hand and entered the zone that was pretty much a one stop holiday shop, complete with plenty of inflatables by Sunnylife.
Image courtesy of John Lewis

Image courtesy of John Lewis

The inflatables were great fun, and for this one I'd go as far to say it was FAB (sorry!), but you know what I mean...

An inflatable like a FAB ice lolly

By the Poolside there were plenty more inflatables: toucans, doughnuts, pineapples, flamingos and unicorns to name just a few, not forgetting the watermelon ring and the clever 'virtual' pool.  It looks real doesn't it, but it's not - it's a place where you can paddle without getting wet, but you have to mind your head on the mirrors as you leave the pool!

Inflatables in the 'pool' - a toucan and pineapple, what else?
a flamingo and unicorn Sunnylife inflatable at John Lewis's Poolside

There's plenty more too - summer hat anyone?  I hope it won't be too long before these will be needed again.

straw hats - hello sunshine, hello summer - but where's it gone?

And it seems that pom-poms and pineapples that we've seen as interiors trends aren't just for interiors - yay! - as this straw bag and sarong show.

pineapples on straw beach bags, and a pom-pom edged sarong

I was quite taken with these lemon wedge pouches, and not just because they matched my shoes (but that could have been part of the reason, I'll admit).  I think they'd be useful for all kinds of things, on the beach to keep things sand-free, or to prevent your suntan lotion covering everything it shouldn't, or maybe just a fun bag as an accessory or for your lunch.  

You can see I've given this some thought can't you?

A lemon wedge pouch and my shoes to match

I mentioned a riot of colour at the start of this post and I stopped to take a closer look as I left the pool - it really was my kind of colourful place, complete with zingy colours and fun touches too, like the parrot on the jar with lemons and limes.

A colourful feast of a table at John Lewis in Oxford Street
Flying saucers and beaded cactus table linen

But even if colour - or so much colour - isn't your thing, there are still more subtle ways to add some zing to your summer. Whether that's the cute beaded cactus table linen, the colourful bowls, or the cushions. 

Dip into summer cushion and one of those chairs again

And yes, it's another of 'those' chairs - I've had to look up their name, it's an Acapulco Chair, I thought it only right as this is the third picture I've shared of this style on my blog so far this year.  Had you noticed I might be slightly smitten?!



* This is a collaborative post, but all views and opinions are my own.  Thanks to John Lewis for inviting me along to immerse myself in the colour and for wowing me with the Poolside mirrors and inflatables.