A wow shower in the wellness room set

There seems to be a water theme to my recent posts, with one on Poolside at John Lewis and showing you my new swimming costume in yesterday's post, so today completing the three I'm sharing photos from the Wellness Bathroom, one of the room sets at this year's Ideal Home Show.  Often I think the bathroom room sets are uninspiring and quite unrealistically large. 

But not this one, one element had me completely wowed.

A stunning bathroom at the ideal home show

It wasn't the free-standing bath, nor the sauna in the corner of the room (just visible in the photo above), but the shower wall.  It's quite simply like nothing I've seen before, and you'll never believe me when I tell you it's wallpaper.

It really is.

It's waterproof wallpaper, the wet system technical wallpaper from Wall & Deco which combines the waterproof-ness of liquid membranes with the patterns of wallpaper.  And I think the results are stunning.

A free standing bath and some pamper items

So much so, that in pretty much every photo I took of this room set I've managed to sneak it in somewhere.

A shower with a difference in the wellness bathroom room set at the Ideal Home Show

Not even the sauna, which I'm a fan of, can overshadow it.  Although if I had a bathroom this large I'd seriously be considering adding an infrared sauna, but luckily for my purse, or rather MOH's wallet, we don't. 

A sauna in the corner of the wellness bathroom roomset

The other striking feature in this bathroom was the size of the mirror (and yes, even that shot managed to capture the wallpaper), but I guess if you've got the space then, why not? 

A huge mirror in what is a huge bathroom, so why not

So what do you think?  And would you go for this kind of wallpaper in your bathroom or shower?

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