Stationery and plant pots

Smug in Islington is one of those shops that has many of the things I like to buy: pretty notebooks, stationery and plant pots. An odd mix, you might think but it doesn’t feel like that as it’s also a shop that’s beautifully curated. And of course the bright yellow set of steps just inside the shop also help. I used to pop up to Islington frequently, but have got out of the habit. It’s one of those places that when I do go, I think it’s a place I should go to more often, and them promptly forget about again, until the next time.

On my recent trip up to the Business Design Centre, I was determined not to miss the opportunity to have a good look round. And so I did.

Sigh, pretty books and notebooks

Plant-based stationery, completely perfect for me! It’s one of those shops that would be easy to say I’ll have one of each please, and be entirely happy with the treasures you end up taking home.

Notebooks and notelets

Boxes of pencils, erasers and even more notebooks. The cycling one was a particular favourite. But it was the rubbers that provoked memories of school days and how much thought and time went into replenishing my supplies for the new school term, and the more unusual the rubber, the better. I’m sure though there were at least a couple of the pink and blue varieties pictured below at times.

pencils, rubbers and more notebooks.jpg

Now onto the plant pots. The pastel shades and quite peculiar “love heart” plants, and how they’re displayed just make them work. I normally opt for brights over pastels, but the pinks. greens and neutrals just work. The fact that most of them hold succulents is neither here nor there…

succulents in a pink pot in smug islington
Green pots and plants

So with a dose of Smug under my belt, all was well with my world and happy and contented - I avoided using the word smug there - my day could continue. And maybe this time, my next visit might happen a little more quickly.