Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard

Browsing through my photos from Yorkshire I couldn't get past the blueness of the skies on the day we visited Castle Howard, which was one of the places that went straight onto my "to visit" list, and I wasn't disappointed.   Today I'm sharing blue-skied pictures of the Temple of the Four Winds, which is at the eastern edge of the estate, at the end of the appropriately named Temple Terrace - I wonder which came first, the temple or the terrace?!

Temple of the Four Winds at Castle Howard in Yorkshire

It had great symmetrical shape (apart from the statues) and great stonework too.  As we walked around the outside of the temple (sadly you can't go inside) I noticed the stonework had great attention to detail too.

Stonework and blue skies in Yorkshire

The temple was originally used as a "place for refreshment and reading" so quite a grand place to take tea or read a book, but one that you can imagine would be quite inspiring.  There is apparently a cellar underneath the temple which the servants could prepare food for the family upstairs. 

Sounds a grand life, doesn't it - unless you were below stairs I'm sure.  

Looking over the Yorkshire countryside

What amazes me about these places is the grandeur which is often at the edge of the estate and seemingly goes nowhere, just like the grand set of stairs in the photo above, which have been carefully fenced off.

The stonework too is always something that catches my eye with its lichen patterns and growths. I've several very similar photos and could have quite happily taken more until I was chivvied along by MOH, who it seems can't take as much lichen as me.

lichen - you know how much I liken them

But just be pleased I'm only sharing two of the photos here, there could be many more, you're welcome!

Steps and lichen at Castle Howard

I've much more to share from Castle Howard, including the walled garden which, well apart from being a favourite kind of garden, was my favourite space from our visit. There's also a spot of Brideshead Revisited to look forward to too, and between you and me, that might just have been my inspiration for visiting, not that I think I ever watched the programme avidly when it was on in 1981  (yes 1981!)

I need to go and lie down now, that's a super long time ago!