Plant Life Girl: the print that called my name

* This item was gifted by Mode Prints

Artwork is a funny thing, isn’t it? We know it’s one of the ways we can add our personality to our homes, but often it’s a tricky thing to get right, because it’s such a personal thing.  Well, I think that if you’re doing it right it’s a personal thing, the right artwork should reflect your personality, you should like it and you should be proud to hang it on your wall, as if you’re like me it’s not something you’ll change that often. 

It can be tricky when you have different ideas and tastes on decor though.  My style is more modern, whereas MOH’s is on the traditional side, and so often we’ll end up With different ideas.  I’ve written before how MOH and I have found it hard to find artwork we both like and agree on, and how it involves finding a compromise on both sides, as well as some luck actually finding something we can both live with.  I mean, there’s no point having something on the wall that one of you really dislikes, is there?

But sometimes a print just speaks to you and you know it’s meant to be.  And that’s how it was for me with this Plant Life Girl Poster by Mode Prints. 

Plant Life Girl Poster Print by Mode Prints

Yes, it’s yellow. Yes, it features a girl.  And yes, it has plants.

I think that’s a fairly good summary of me.

It’s also quirky, matches our decor, and I knew it would look perfect on our gallery wall in our craft-room-cum-study.

And yes, we’re still having that debate, not actively of course, but at times MOH tries to reclaim the room to work from home in, but then remembers it’s full of stuff (you know, books, craft items and such like) and ends up graciously retreating again.  As an aside, having a place for ourselves is something we’ve realised we need, and something we’re contemplating as an essential for our next house, whenever that might me.  I’m hoping that our list  won’t end up being so long we become one of those demanding and uncompromising couples you see on those property programmes…

Plants, a yellow souwester and duck egg blue -  this print by Mode Prints is totally my colours

It’s the type of print that I can’t help but look at.

It’s one that makes me smile and is a beautiful illustration that provokes your imagination.  I mean, is that one of those traditional souwesters that the girl is wearing, and given the weather this weekend that would be entirely sensible.  And why is she hiding behind the plant?  There’s so many stories and interpretations that each of us could have, and I’m sure that if pressed, each of us would come up with something different. 

To me that’s the beauty of good artwork, we can interpret it ourselves, and as our mood sees fit, and it means something to each of us.

plant life girl encapsulates Spring and the weather we've had this weekend

It’s entirely coincidental that this weekend, when I took these photos, was the first weekend I’ve had daffodils in the house.  But a happy coincidence, and once I’d spotted how good they looked together, they were always going to appear side by side in this post. 

Plant Life Girl Poster  - my colours totally
An interim home and it looks just as good against a neutral background

The art and stationery at Mode Prints has a simplicity about it that I’m sure will prove popular.  They’re London based but ship internationally; formed in 2017 their collections feature botanical prints, children’s decor, greeting cards and stationery as well as personalised gifts and homeware.

A look at their website quickly confirms what I already suspected, that they

“love Scandinavian and nordic styles and are passionate about design”

If you’re after some beautiful and modern artwork then do take a look at their website, I think you’ll be pleased with what you discover.

The prints come in a range of sizes, and are available framed or undreamed. My print is the A4 size, framed in black. It’s worth noting that the print is A4, the frame larger.  

While, this print was always destined for our gallery wall I was keen to get it on the wall and start the admiration.  So for the past week or so, it’s been the first thing we see as we head up our stairs.

If you’re keen on creating a gallery wall of your own, but aren’t sure where to start I’ve seen that Mode Prints have a section on their site dedicated to Gallery Walls, where you can buy sets of prints that complement each other.

I also realised that where I’ve had it hanging is a particularly hard space to photograph, as it has little natural light and when it does the metalwork of the stairs reflect in the picture. 

So to show this off at its best, and to do it justice, some staging was needed and the conservatory made the ideal spot as that has similar colours as the decor in the room at the top of our house, which as you can see has a space just ready and waiting for a new picture. 

A plant life girl poster sized space in my gallery wall

MOH wasn’t consulted about this piece, and while it’s not his usual style, he agrees it’s a perfect addition to our space.  The wall is one of our sloping walls, so we’ll need to add fixings to the frame to secure the picture both top and bottom.  And yes, why wouldn’t we have a gallery wall on a sloping wall, it looks great and adds interest and momentoes to the room, although I’ll admit MOH took some persuading to start with too.

/l This print by Mode prints is destined for my gallery wall - doesn't it work well?

And it’s just perfect as I thought it would be, what do you think?

* This print was gifted by Mode Prints for the purposes of this review, however all views and opinions are my own.


Havelock Walk Open Studios in Forest Hill

Remember Place in Print that I cycled over to see last summer?  Well yesterday I popped back to see the latest work by Ed, Nancy and Jamie as part of the Havelock Walk Open Studios event. If you're thinking that sounds fab and is somewhere you'd like to go, then you can because it's also taking place next weekend, and it's definitely worth a visit.

It was another lovely day for our visit and this was the sight that welcomed us:

havelock walk open studios forest hill

The blue sky, the rooftop garden and the faded facade reminded me of Cuba, which I visited back in 2000 as a solo traveller, which was quite an experience.  As we looked along Havelock Walk though it was much more English in nature, complete with bunting and astro turf.

bunting in havelock walk

Place in Print's studio is right at the end of the walk, but it's worth the walk to see their wares.  The next couple of photos are examples of Jamie from Pen & Gravy's work. The snakes of Sydenham (below) were inspired from a trip to the park (in Sydenham) with his little boy, who saw snakes and it seems to have stuck.  Pretty though aren't they?  For snakes.

snakes in sydenham
GEODD crockery Pen & Gravy

I was quite taken with the crockery above and you'll not be surprised to learn I bought two of the yellow mugs before we left.

There was also some textiles and notebooks from Nancy Straughan on display. I love the textures in the prints, and it's already well documented here about how much I'm partial to a notebook.  These were no different.

Nancy Straughan organic textiles
nancy straughan notebooks

Ed from Place in Print has some new items too - I'm not sure if they're new stock or just that I didn't see them before - but these Bust Blind Scarfs would make a great present, especially in chillier weather.

Place in Print Bus Blind Scarf
Place in Print SE23 map

The map above is of the surrounding area, with the street names as the streets. It's very clever and would make a perfect New Home gift for any London homeowner.

We had a wander around many of the other studios too, the art on display was varied and there's definitely something there for everyone. 







I couldn't help but pause and admire this architectural wooden door.





And as we left the final studio, these pretty gold patterned tiles were just glinting in the sun.



And I'll leave you with some more of the Pun cards from Place in Print.  They really do make me smile!




With thanks to Ed, Nancy & Jamie for the heads-up and invitation to this fun event.

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ART NOW: Gallery standard art to send, give and collect


Last Thursday after work I dashed into town to attend the Art Now launch at the LUMAS Gallery in South Molton Street, just along from Bond Street station. When I received the invite not only was I intrigued by what a London gallery could offer in affordable art, I was also keen to see some of this collection first hand.

When I got there I realised it's a gallery I've walked past many times before, but never been in - that changed last week. It had an inviting layout, with areas designed as "rooms" rather than a stark white box.

But back to this collection.

The Art Now collection are all postcard-sized and there's a variety of themes with seven different artist series featuring in the launch. There's the fun Animal House series by Catherine Ledner which are the pastel images to the right of the Lumas Art Now sign in the picture below.  You'll not be surprised to learn my favourite was the pale yellow armadillo which looks as if it was burying itself into the skirting board.


Another set by David Eger titled Cloned Photos depicts some of the historic and iconic images, recreated by Storm Troopers. It was fun to guess the events in these photos. The Art Now collection follows LUMAS' mantra which is that "art should be seen" - and to make that easy with these pictures they come with built-in hooks and magnets, as well as an acrylic desk stand, which makes them easy to display.  I don't know about you, but often it can take us a while to actually hang the pictures we've bought!


I was quite taken with the series above which show familiar scenes from iconic cities around the world. The bright colours against the cityscapes appealed. But it was the series below that was my firm favourite - all shots of Berlin by Michael Belhadi. The green and yellow Alexanderplatz shot both encouraging me to plan a trip to Berlin to recreate this myself, and leaving me plotting on where I could hang a couple of these!


With each costing £24 I think they're reasonable, and would make a great present for a friend or for myself!

You may have seen on my instagram the iced gems, and vanilla cakes by Konditor and Cook. There was in fact a whole table of sweet delights, that was just gorgeous.

Mmmmm... #icedgems #lumasartnow @lumas_gallery @konditor_and_cook

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It really was a fab evening and I hope the Art Now collection does well, to see more of the collection take a look at the LUMAS Art Now website.


* I was invited to the launch of Art Now by LUMAS, but was under no obligation to write this post and the views and opinions within it are my own.