On being a Brownie

Today I’ve got something different for you, a guest post from Lindsay who blogs over at Latte Lindsay where she promises ramblings over coffee. I’d asked Lindsay to share more about her Brownie experience, as I too was a Brownie growing up, and loved it. Some might say I was even a bit of a Brownie swot earning twenty five badges, and the twenty fifth in 1977, Silver Jubilee year - cue my photo in the local newspaper.

So when Lindsay’s post arrived, and I read her first sentence I was a little shocked and surprised, as her experience was quite different to mine, however I soon realised we had a shared love of badges, and of history.

And of course, not everyone can have the same experience, or feel the same way about the same things, and that’s healthy, so over to Lindsay…

“This is a very unpopular opinion but I hated being a Brownie. I could blame the uniform, the involvement with the church or any number of things. But the simple fact was that the lady who was Brown Owl of my group was a mean old lady who wouldn’t even let us out to use the bathroom. I hated it but my dad made me go. He thought I needed friends, which he was right about, but I could have made friends at ballet class too if he had let me go to that instead. The only time we got peace from the Big Bad Bird was when we were doing badge work. So when it came time to work on new badges, everyone threw themselves into their projects and tried to take on as many badges as they could at once. This is how I discovered my love of history.

Photo by  Melissa Askew  on  Unsplash

“Growing up in Newtownards is a bit surreal because the history is not something that people are proud of. The town has been stripped down and remade 100’s of times from the first settlements in the Iron Age. Yep, that is how far the history of the town can be traced back. There are old buildings that just exist, you can walk in and out of the Old Abbey in Movilla which was the place that Finnian brought one of the first Bibles to in Ireland. Just wrap your head around that for a moment. A place to massive cultural significance and I can walk into it at anytime. But why aren’t we talking about this and the history of the town? Simple, the wounds from the First World War still hurt.

“When news of the War in Europe broke, the men of Newtownards and the surrounding areas were some of the first to enlist. Hundreds of men dropped everything and went to the trenches. During 1916, the Battle of the Somme saw some of the worst casualties in the war and was highly criticised by the Ministry of Defence. At the front of the offensive was the 36th Ulster Division, over 130 of the 60,000 that were lost were men from Newtownards. Ever since the news of that mass slaughter reached home, the town ached from the pain of losing so many sons. Since then, no matter how good something was about the town, it pales in comparison to the feeling of loss. It has only been the dawn of the new millennium that wounds have finally begun to heal and people have begun to celebrate the good stuff from the towns past and present.

“Although I am not a big fan of my Brownie experience, I cannot deny that it did me some good. If it wasn’t for my dad choosing the history badge for me to work on, I never would have learnt about the hidden history of my sleepy little town and the dark secrets that have been hidden from the outside world.”

Lindsay was raised in Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland where she discovered how the unremarkable history of the town shaped everything that she knew. She studied at Movilla High School in Newtownards and remains active there as a parent. She is currently a freelance writer who has worked locally and nationally with various papers. She discovered her love of history after her father made her take part in the Brownie Guides history badge project. She is currently working on various projects including her blog, lattelindsay.com and her fantasy novel series.

Thanks for sharing this today Lindsay, and I hope your projects and fantasy novel series go well, and doesn’t it just go to show how something quite unrelated can spark an interest you never knew you had?


Have you ever heard of recycled paint?

No me neither, but it makes perfect sense. So if your shed or garage looks anything like this - or has maybe one or two tins less, then read on as I'm sharing a fabulous guest post on recycled paint here today.



Recycled paint, really?


Hi, I'm Amy from from EPS and Amy I am a parent blogger at heart, but am here today to talk about another topic which means a lot to me: Paint Recycling, no I’m not talking about scraping paint off walls (how many times have I heard that?!), we take the half empty tins which everyone has in their sheds or garages (collected from household waste recycling centres, aka the local tip) and batch it all up, add a bit of chemistry magic and turn it back into brand new, beautiful new paint, which is available in 28 colours from Reborn Paints.

The process itself was “invented” by my father, Keith Harrison, patent pending and we now licence the process to others so paint is being recycled up and down the country. Between us around 1000 tons of paint a year is being stopped from ending up in landfill. We add various clays and limestones to the “unloved” paint and filter and treat it, and re-pot it into our own livery.

The paint itself is “as good as Dulux” (quote is from a professional painter), available in premium quality flat matt finish it is £29 for 2.5 litres, but if you order a sample pot we will send you a £5 off code for use on a full sized pot, so you get your sample money back if you decide to go with us!

There are a couple of stockists across the country - we are looking for more if you are interested - but the easiest way to purchase our paint is directly from our online site: www.rebornpaints.co.uk.

Reborn paints - recycled paint from unwanted paint from household tips

Thanks Amy, that's totally fascinating and I can see lots of mileage in this. It's a shame you can't take paint direct from the general public, as I've a few tins in MOH's shed that I'd willingly donate (don't worry we'll get them to the tip!).

So, what do you think? Would you buy recycled paint? 

* All photos are with thanks to Reborn Paints.

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A Green and Rosie Life

Turning a negative into a positive

Today I'm handing my blog over to my blogging friend Louisa who's sharing what she's been up to lately and her plans for the future. 

Hi there! Have you ever had something happen, that at first glance seems like a total disaster but upon reflection you can actually turn into something really positive? This happened to me recently and Stephanie has kindly asked me to write a guest post talking about what occurred and sharing my plans for the future.

Until recently I had a blog called Life As We Know It. For 2 years I updated and shared my family life with all it’s ups and downs. Then, I suffered every bloggers worst nightmare when I lost my blog despite my host’s best efforts to repair it. It really hit me hard.

After a little wallow I had a light bulb moment and decided to use this to my advantage. With a clean slate I could start again with a clearer idea of what direction I wanted to go in. Following some brain storming I purchased a new url and my upcoming new blog Inside Out was bornIt has the tag line mind, body and home. I’m aiming at the slightly older reader and plan to cover topics such as interiors, renovations, home and garden, body image, mental and physical health, style and beauty (for those of us who are the wrong side of 39) and lots of crafting ideas and tutorials.

In other news despite being on crutches, I managed a weekend away to learn how to use my camera in manual. I learnt so much and hope to persuade my other half that I need a macro lens. Here are a few shots to show what I learnt...

On the home front the kids and dogs are delightful at the moment which is slightly worrying. I wonder if they are lulling me into a false sense of security while they plan world domination in secret? They are being very patient with our ongoing renovation programme. This week we had a new log burner fitted which was a cause of great excitement! Junior loves making YouTube videos at the moment and has just declared he is going to do a house tour video. It’s disconcerting when your kids are more tech savvy than you isn’t it?

The date of my new publication depends on whether I have to have spinal surgery, I don’t want to start and then have to take a few months off to recover. I feel like I am 900 years old at the moment. I just want to get fixed and start writing again! I have really enjoyed writing this post, I miss blogging very much.

I do hope that when I do start up again you will come over for a read. I’d love for you to comment with any suggestions of things that you’d like to see or topics that you would like to read about? Thank you Stephanie for letting me give a little update explaining the sudden disappearance of my old blog and how I am turning a negative into a positive. I hope you have a great holiday!

Thanks Louisa. I'm looking forward to seeing back blogging, the plans for your new blog sound fab - and fingers crossed for no surgery.  Until Louisa's blog, Inside Out, is live keep in touch with her on Twitter and Instagram.